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Zapper the Zipper

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Zipper - Image: Public Domain, Morguefile
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Zipper - Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Creative Writing Exercise: Create a story based on a common item nearby (zipper)


Zapper the Zipper was a zestful little Zipper. All Zippers were zestful, but Zapper was more so than most. When this Zipper was zero, the age before naming, he found something fun. He found that if he scuffed his furry little feet on the dry moss of the forest floor he could create a terrific tingle. When the tingle was tops he’d reach out a fuzzy finger and go ZAP! And thus he gained the nifty name of Zapper. Zapper the Zipper was special among the Zippers. You see, Zapper was the only Zipper with furry feet. The other Zipper’s flat little feet had no fur so they couldn’t zap. Zapper the Zipper was unique for his feet. All the other Zippers loved little Zapper because he was the one soul among them who could both zip and zap.

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