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Your Inner Child

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Posted by / March 11, 2013 / 0 Comments

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A lot of people out there talk about their inner child. I wonder if they have any clue what they are actually talking about? Are you in touch with your inner child?

With all the talk over the years about the “inner child”, and the loads and loads of  movies about Santa Claus you would think that everyone gets it. Nope, not really. When I have to spend many days convincing someone that it’s ok to play childhood games when you are an adult, there is a problem. When I try to watch cartoons and I still hear that cartoons are for kids, there’s a problem.

So what happened to the inner child? He (or she) got told to grow up. The dangerous meme about giving up childish things claimed another victim. Somehow, people started thinking that adults weren’t allowed to continue to enjoy fun. You can’t have wonder and joy without being stared at or laughed at. Who made these stupid rules anyway?

I’m gonna keep loving cartoons, playing hangman, and chugging hot cocoa till I die. You decide for yourself, love childish things or die miserable. Now where did I hide my squirtgun and teddy bear?

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