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Your Credit Rating Isn’t What You Think

Money Cash Wealth - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Money Cash Wealth - Image: Public Domain, PixabayIs a bad Credit rating a bad thing? In a nutshell, no. Perhaps I should explain why on earth I would have this ridiculous notion?

For starters, it’s not all that ridiculous if you understand money the way that I do. It also might make more sense if you know that my credit is abysmal. Unfortunate circumstances and bad marriages turned my credit into a nightmare, but I’m getting off the point. I shouldn’t be whining, I should be teaching and explaining.

Money isn’t real. It might have been real once, but no longer. For the majority of people, money is just a series of numbers floating around the internet. If you’re tempted to look at the bills in your wallet or purse just so you can argue, then go right ahead. Now look carefully at those bills. What do they say? At one point in time they could be traded for a certain amount of silver. That’s back when we had a silver standard for money. Guess what? There isn’t enough silver to trade anymore. Your money is worth what you can get for it. US Treasury bills are a wonder of anti-counterfeiting technology and a work of art, but they aren’t actually worth anything on their own. They are worth what you THINK they are worth. Now let that sink in. That’s right, money is the greatest illusion and lie that you are involved with every day. You and I continue to spread the lie, every day and every year we spread it.

So if money isn’t actually worth anything,  then what is your credit rating? You’ve heard of using a stick or a carrot to persuade people? Well your credit rating is a stick. The thing is, it’s an illusory stick. If they try to hit you with it, nothing happens. Pause, breathe and think about that a moment. Your credit rating is there to allow you to purchase things that you can’t afford with money that isn’t worth anything.

“Of course he thinks this way, he’s a loser with a bad credit rating”. Sure, keep telling yourself I’m a loser. I’ve visited 3 continents, served in the US Army during Desert Storm, been ordained as a minister, been recruited to drive a race car, been married 3 times, taught hundreds of tech support people, helped arrange the first joint Russian-American military maneuvers, and countless other things that most Americans never dream of doing. And I still have many many years ahead of me.

Now you’re probably thinking about the lack of money you always hear about. Well that gets a tad more complicated, but suffice to say that the lack is an even bigger illusion. Every month more money is printed and put into circulation. Even more money than what is printed is just CREATED out of thin air. Every time you spend money online, or use a credit card or debit card at a store, you are creating money that wasn’t there just minutes before. You think that your money is being transferred from your bank to the store, but it isn’t. The bank doesn’t process your purchase instantly, the checkout just looks to see if the money will be there when they DO process the transaction. So for a while, there is new money in the system. The new money gets used by the store to pay their employees, and the old money gets taken by the bank. Now just let your mind imagine how many transactions occur every day using numbers floating around in space.

Mind blown yet?



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