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You Don’t Have to Use a Wacom Tablet to be an Artist

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I use a graphics tablet for some of my digital artwork. In case you don’t know, a graphics tablet is an alternative input device for your computer. They are comprised of a flat surface that plugs into your PC, and a stylus (often shaped to look like a pen).

If you go out and try to do any research on them, you’ll discover that one name gets mentioned ALL the time. Wacom is the leading brand of graphics tablets and has been for many years. So whenever you ask anyone about tablets, you’ll be told about Wacom. You’ll read and hear all kinds of people saying that Wacom is the ONLY way to go. There even seems to be a stigma attached to anyone who disagrees. So you’ll start seriously considering buying one so you too can be a “professional” digital artist. Then you’ll see the price tag on one and start convulsing. Not to worry though, you can get a tablet without breaking the bank. If you’re willing to not care about brand names.

A couple years ago, I had the good luck to stumble across an alternative to Wacom. I have a Genius tablet, and I love it. Less than half the cost of a Wacom and works just fine. It might be missing a couple bells and whistles, but it still beats the frell out of using a mouse. Using a mouse for graphics makes you think you’re trying to sketch with a bar of soap.

Don’t EVER listen to anyone who tells you that you have to use a particular brand to be a “professional”. It isn’t the tool, it’s the hand that uses it that truly matters. There is almost always another way, or an alternative solution. Find what works for you and your life and work will rocket off into the stratosphere. There is no one true way, there are as many ways to do something as there are stars in the sky. Do you think that my artwork is less “professional” because I use a cheap tablet?



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