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Writing Ideas and Questions

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I’ve been trying to come up with a solid list of things to write for the blog. It’s challenging, but I’ve come up with nearly 100. I’m not sure that they’re all good, and I think some of them might be too similar, but it’s what I’ve got so far. What do you think? (I have more to say after the list)

  1. The Real Dangers Of Using Binding Spells
  2. How To Set Up and Decorate A Shrine
  3. Are There Really Consequences To Using Magick For Personal Gain?
  4. 6 Signs That You Might Be A TechnoWitch
  5. How To Find The Pagan Path That’s Right For You
  6. How To Create Your Own Magickal Correspondences (And Why You Should)
  7. How To Add Magick To Your Meals With Herbs And Spices
  8. Your Spirituality Is Not A Competition
  9. 6 Great Ways To Protect Your Book Of Shadows
  10. How To Represent Animals and Their Energy in Spells
  11. There’s A Difference Between An Altar And A Shrine
  12. What Makes Pagans, Witches And Wiccans Different?
  13. Wish Magick And Making Your Wishes Come True
  14. 6 Harsh Truths About Being A Pagan
  15. Homemade Natural Anti-sensitivity Mouthwash
  16. Homemade Natural Feminine Refreshing Spray
  17. Homemade Natural Sage-free Smudging Spray
  18. Homemade Natural Yoga Mat Freshening Spray
  19. 6 Mistakes That New Witches Keep Making
  20. Homemade Natural Fly and Insect Killing Spray
  21. Expensive Offerings To The Gods Won’t Win Favor
  22. Why You Should Never Buy Possessed Items Or Captured Beings Online
  23. Wizards, Wands, And How Tools Can Limit Your Magickal Potential
  24. 9 Lies You’ve Been Told About Magick And Witches
  25. Why You Should Avoid Using Hexes And Curses
  26. Curse With Care!
  27. Which Pagan Gods Are Right For You?
  28. Be Very Careful When Choosing Words For Your Spells
  29. You Don’t Need To Be Religious To Be A Witch
  30. 6 Reasons Your Magick Never Works
  31. The Right Way To Cast Love Spells
  32. Homemade Natural Perfume And Ritual Spray
  33. Clean And Sharpen Your Spice Grinder With Eggshells
  34. How Learning Crafts Can Help You As A Pagan Or Witch
  35. 10 Powerful Magickal Herbs You Can Grow At Home
  36. How To Turn Your Jewelry Into A Magical Charm
  37. Why Pagans Should Support Small Pagan Businesses
  38. What Is A Crone And Have You Become One?
  39. Why You Should Make Your Own Magickal and Ritual Items
  40. 5 Emergency Spells You Can Cast in Minutes
  41. How To Get Started Writing Your Own Magick Spells
  42. Traditional Rituals May Be Messing Up Your Magick Mojo
  43. Why Owning More Stuff Doesn’t Make You A Better Pagan
  44. How To Read Energy On Stuff Before You Buy It
  45. 8 Ways To Hone Your Empathy And Intuition
  46. Stop Trying To Make Other Witches or Pagans Like You
  47. Age Doesn’t Make You A Better Witch Or Pagan
  48. How To Know If Wicca Is Right For You
  49. How To Spot Scammer Psychics And Readers
  50. 8 Ways To Practice Magick Spells Without Anyone Knowing
  51. How To Keep Your Mirror And Reflection Spells From Backfiring
  52. Hey Witches, Be Careful What You Summon!
  53. Why You Shouldn’t Use Your Pets In Rituals Or Magick
  54. Witchcraft Isn’t About Power Over Others
  55. 7 Ways To Be A Better Newbie Witch
  56. Don’t Use Magick To Mess With People’s Free Will
  57. Don’t Get Scammed Paying For Spell Casting
  58. Don’t Get Duped By Online Spells
  59. Do I Have To Believe In A Deity To Be Pagan?
  60. 7 Things That Make You A Lousy Pagan (And Person)
  61. How To Make Your Spells Work More Often
  62. Can Witches Really Talk To Animals?
  63. Can You Really Use Magick Without Any Tools?
  64. How Often Can I Or Should I Use Magick Spells?
  65. 6 Alternatives For Blood In Magick Spells
  66. The Basic Elements Of A Successful Magick Spell
  67. What’s The Difference Between A Ritual And A Spell?
  68. How To Spot A Manipulative Bully Witch
  69. How To Get Rid Of Bugs Naturally
  70. 6 Ways Magick Isn’t What You See On Tv
  71. How To Effectively Use Poppets In Magick
  72. Tips For Using Candles In Magick
  73. How Your Spell Paper Can Empower Your Magick
  74. How To Make Your Own Sigils
  75. 6 Magick Ingredients And Tools Every Witch Should Have
  76. How To Turn Household Chores Into Magick Rituals
  77. How To Become A Better Witch
  78. How To Use Rice In Magick
  79. Is Casting A Circle Necessary For Magick Spells?
  80. 5 Ritual Elements You Can Get At A Dollar Store
  81. How To Turn Cut Flowers Into Ritual Ingredients
  82. How To Hide Being A Pagan Or Witch
  83. How To Come Out Of The Broom Closet
  84. Symbols Frequently Used By Pagans And Wiccans
  85. 3 Ways To Make Your Book Of Shadows Special
  86. What Is Knot Magick And How To Use It
  87. Using Fire In Your Magickal Workings
  88. Things Witchcraft Spells Can’t Do For You
  89. Are Witches And Witchcraft Evil?
  90. 7 Great Places To Put Magick Sigils
  91. Can I Conjure Spirits To Do My Bidding?
  92. Turning Self Care Into Magick Rituals
  93. How To Create Spiritual And Magickal Artifacts
  94. How To Decorate Your Home With Magickal Flair
  95. 6 Common Household Things You Can Use In Magick

I’d like to do some less Pagan-focused writing, but I chose that as my niche, so it’s hard to think of what I can write that would still be related enough to work. I do miss the days when I just wrote op-ed and was totally eclectic. Everything I read said that you needed a niche though, so I picked one I knew.

I think I’d rather be working on making the gemstone correspondences book, or something else, but I’m really at a loss for what to do. I’m not sure what would feel best, and I’m not sure what future patrons would want. I’m open to ideas and suggestions.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

Briana Blair is an author and artisan. She has published more then 30 books and thousands of articles across multiple sites. After practicing Paganism and witchcraft for 25 years, she's now on a journey as an atheist and skeptic. She's eclectic, unpredictable, and always evolving. Facebook - Twitter

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