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Why Do Women’s Halloween Costumes Have to Be Sexy?

Pirate Costume Halloween - Image: Monster Marketplace
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Image: Monster Marketplace

Image: Monster Marketplace

In my recent review of the Spirit Halloween store I mentioned that nearly all of the Halloween costumes they had for women were “sexy”. Unfortunately, it’s not just that store. Everywhere I go, all the costumes for women are skimpy and revealing.

Why is it that the costume companies have to sexualize and objectify women like this? Most of the people buying costumes don’t look like the buxom, leggy women on the packages. They don’t have “perfect” bodies, and they probably aren’t really interested in walking around looking like prostitutes. So why do the companies keep making and selling these slutty costumes?

That pirate there, sold at Monster Marketplace is a great example. It’s ridiculously slutty. There’s hardly anything to it. As if the cheap quality of these costumes wasn’t bad enough, the $50 price tag for that outfit is an insult. And in what world would a pirate dress like that? It’s more likely that she’d wear a billowy shirt and a pair of pants. And she wouldn’t be in spike heels. Prostitutes of the pirate era wore more clothes than this! It’s pretty bad when you realize that a woman in the sex trade would have been scandalized by this type of outfit.

When I go looking for a costume, I want something that actually looks like a nurse or pirate or medieval maiden, not something that makes me look like I belong on a street corner. I think women should start writing complaints to the costume companies and tell them that we want real costumes, not these trashy bits of cheap fabric. Women do not exist for the sole purpose of tantalizing men, and Halloween is about fun and dressing up, not sex.

What’s worse is that the girls’ costumes are getting just as trashy and sexualized. I don’t think any 5 year old girl needs to be in a mini skirt with an off-the-shoulder top, do you? When I went to a party last year I saw tween girls in outfits that were barely there, and I was absolutely shocked. I’m not sure what’s worse, the fact that companies make these so-called costumes, or that there are parents willing to put them on their children.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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