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Women: How Changing Your Beauty Rituals Can Help the Environment

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The environment is important to all of us, and each of us should do all that we can to keep it clean and safe for ourselves and future generations. Here are some ways that the ladies out there can help, by making some changes to your daily beauty regimen.

Use Fewer Products

I know, that can be a hard thing to even think about for some women, but it’s one of the most notable ways you can make an impact. Every product you buy comes in a container that goes into a landfill with residue from the product still inside it. Every product you don’t buy is one less piece of toxic trash.

Go “No-Poo”

Switching from using shampoo and conditioner to using bakings soda and vinegar means you’re putting fewer toxins into the water supply and less plastic into the landfill. No-poo isn’t for everyone, but it can do wonders for your hair, and save you tons of money in the process. You can read about my personal no-poo journey for more information.

Swap Lipstick for Lip Liner and Natural Gloss

If you wear a lot of lipstick, you’re probably throwing out a lot of plastic lipstick tubes. Try filling your lips with a lip pencil (made of wood) and topping it with a natural gloss. Or you can go more natural and just use a tinted lip balm. There are plenty of great recipes out there for making your own natural lip tints.

Trade Liquid Eyeliner for Pencil or Powder

Liquid eyeliner is another culprit for adding plastic containers to the landfills. Opt for a wood pencil or mineral powder applied with a brush. Personally, I use my mineral eyeshadow powder as eyeliner and it works great.

Ditch the Hair Spray

I can already hear a lot of you screaming, but you know as well as I do that those metal cans full of propellants are horrible for the environment. Try going natural whenever you can. If you absolutely must use a product, try going for a pump spray.

Make Your Own Beauty Products

If you’ve got a little time, you can make a lot of the products that you need. Check out my article 8 DIY Natural Beauty Product Recipes for some of my recipes, or search the internet. There are tons of recipes out there for you to try. If you’re not into making your own products, there are plenty of places, like Etsy, where you can buy homemade natural beauty products. Going natural means fewer toxins on your body and in the environment.

Change Your Feminine Hygiene Products

This isn’t part of your beauty regimen, but it is definitely a woman thing. Feminine hygiene products create a lot of waste, and it’s worth thinking about. If you currently use tampons, I recommend switching to a menstrual cup, like the Diva. (There are other brands, but Diva gets my personal vote.) Skip the plastic storage cup and special wash that goes with menstrual cups though, you don’t need them. If you can’t get into using a cup (You should try though, they’re amazing!) stay away from tampons that have a plastic applicator and plastic wrapper. If you use pads, there are a wide variety of reusable sanitary pads to choose from that aren’t made of plastics and perfumes.


It may seem like a big deal at first, but it’s really not that hard to get used to making more environmentally friendly choices for your beauty routine once you realize that the earth is more important than a few personal conveniences. You’ll also feel a lot better. Not only will you be putting fewer toxins onto and into your body, you’ll be doing the environment a favor to. All in all, it’s worth every change.


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