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Women as Second-rate Citizens, Inequality Still Exists in America

Woman Depressed Monochrome Crying - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Woman Depressed Monochrome Crying - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Women still aren’t as equal as they’d like to be

Women have come a long way in the United States, but they still don’t have the equality they want. Why are men and religion still trying to hold women back?

There was once a time when the only thing a woman was supposed to do was bear children and take care of a family. As time has progressed women started wanting to do more. There aren’t many things that a woman can’t do as well as a man, and women wanted the chance to prove that fact. Unfortunately, even after decades of struggle, women still aren’t seen as true equals to men, and so the fight rages on.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with a woman who wants to have kids or stay at home and take care of the house and family. There’s no shame in being a housewife, even though extreme feminists would disagree. The truth is though, that many women don’t want to be forced into this role. They want to be lawyers and doctors and race car drivers. They want to do all the things that men do, and they most assuredly have the talent and drive to do it. However, men are still trying to rule the world, and women are still struggling against the stereotypes and unfair treatment.

In this day and age, Affirmative Action shouldn’t be necessary for a woman to get a job. The sad truth is though, that many women would never get hired for jobs they’re fully capable of doing if there wasn’t a law stating that had to be. Many male bosses will still look for any legal reason they can come up with to not hire a women if there’s a man applying for the same job. Especially when the job offers the employee a great deal of power and control, a man will not want a woman to have that.

Why is it that men are so threatened by working women? Long gone are the days when we needed a big, strong man to go out and kill dinner, make fire and keep us safe from the horrors of the world. Women are now just as educated as men, they’re driven, they have talent and they can do a job well. So why not let them have the chance? Is it really so demeaning to a man to work alongside or under a woman? If a person can get the job done, what difference does it make if they’re wearing a skirt or pants?

Unfortunately, some of the extreme feminists are actually making things more difficult. They actually treat women with old-fashioned values like some barbaric throw-backs that should be stoned on sight. To me, the whole idea of equality is being able to make any choice you want, and be able to pursue it without opposition. And it’s not like there aren’t men out there these days that stay at home and raise the kids and clean the house while the woman is out working.

Personally, I dream of a world where people are just people, and gender is meaningless. In a perfect world what one has between their legs or protruding from their chest would mean nothing, and all people, male, female or in-between would all be treated equally.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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