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Why Using Witchcraft To Be Cool Is An Epic Level Bad Idea

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But I Wanna Be Cool!

I happened in the ’90s, and it’s happening again today. Young people are flocking to witchcraft to try to be cool. As Paganism and witchcraft gain more popularity and mainstream acceptance, younger people are “becoming witches” to try to stand out, be different, and be special. What they fail to realize is that witchcraft is serious business, and not something you should trifle with.

Witchcraft Isn’t A Trend Or Toy

Witchcraft, the practice of using spells and rituals to achieve one’s will, has been around for countless centuries. The practice has existed in numerous cultures around the world, and still endures in various forms all over the planet. For most practitioners, while it is considered beautiful and liberating, it’s also regarded as powerful and serious. It’s not done for amusement or attention, and has serious ramifications.

Witchcraft takes practice and dedication, it’s not something that you play with like a toy. Spells, even the smallest ones, can have far-reaching effects and serious consequences. Witchcraft is something that one should only begin practicing if they truly know what they’re getting into, and if they’re willing and able to accept the responsibility.

Sadly, many people, especially teens, think that witchcraft is “cool” and that playing with it will change their lives and make them special. It certainly will change their lives, but not always in the ways they expect. You can’t just try witchcraft on like a shirt, and toss it aside if you don’t like it. Every ritual you engage in or spell you cast has an effect, and that may very well last long after you’re “over” thinking it’s trendy.

Witchcraft isn’t about having fun or messing with people. While the practice can be enjoyable and fulfilling, it’s not a toy or a joke. It’s not wise to cast spells you don’t understand, especially on other people. The words you use matter, your intention matters, and the outcomes can be unpredictable if you’re not careful. Spells aren’t something you use for amusement at a sleepover, or in a crowd to look scary, they’re powerful things that should be respected.

Witchcraft Won’t Make People Like You

It’s a very odd thing to me that anyone thinks that becoming a witch will make people like you. Unless you’re in a heavily Pagan area, being a witch is more likely to make you an outcast than make you popular. Witches and Pagans are better understood in society now than we have been in the past, but we still face our struggles. More often than not, admitting that you’re either could make you a social outcast, cost you your job, and lose you friends and lovers. Now, if the people around you are good ones, then they’re going to accept you no matter what, but it’s not wise to think that witchcraft is going to win you any new friends.

I do know that some people believe that they can use spells on others to gain popularity, but this is foolish thinking and very dangerous business. Using spells to alter the free will of another human being is considered very wrong by most real witches, and isn’t something we recommend. Trying to make people like or love you will usually end in disaster. Just like pretending that you’re something you’re not to gain popularity, using spells to make people want to be with you will almost surely backfire.

Magick Has Serious Consequences

As I’ve mentioned, magick isn’t something you should toy with. While spellcraft can be a wonderful thing, it needs to be used with caution and forethought. I’ve talked to too many people, and read too many stories about folks using spells to gain love or friendship, only to end up with enemies or stalkers. People will, even if they don’t believe in magick, eventually realize that they’re being manipulated. When they do, it can lead to all sorts of ugliness. Think about how you’d feel if someone cast a spell on you to make you like someone you hated, or have sexual relations with someone you weren’t actually in. You’d feel violated, betrayed, and angry. Never do something to someone else that you wouldn’t want done to you.

Beyond that, there are those who think that it’s “fun” or “cool” to call on spirits, summon entities, or otherwise play with spells. Witchcraft is not a game. If you don’t know what you’re calling on, don’t call it. If you don’t truly know the powers you’re working with, don’t use them. If you don’t understand what the words are, don’t say them. You may be uttering harmless nonsense, or you might be conjuring something terrible. How would you feel if you cast a money spell, and it killed a loved one to give it to you? What if you cast a mirror spell and end up reflecting everything right back at yourself? Witchcraft and magick are not playthings, and should never be treated as such.

It’s A Slap In The Face To Real Witches

Real witches, those of us who have dedicated ourselves to the craft and spent our lives honing it, are never amused to see fly-by-night witches playing with magick. People who use witchcraft carelessly, playing at it for style or attention, are an insult to every true witch out there. You’ll never gain any respect from a real witch if your heart isn’t truly into the craft, and you’re not serious about it. We are not a joke, nor is what we do. Witchcraft is a deep, beautiful, and meaningful practice. It may only take a moment to begin, but it takes a lifetime to master. When you play at magick, you’re making every real witch look bad. It’s a painful insult to treat it like a toy. 

If You’re Really Into It, Go For It

Now, with all that out of the way, let me say this: If you truly think that witchcraft is something that you want to practice, and you’re willing to put the time, effort, and care into it that it deserves, I applaud you. Witchcraft, whether paired with a spiritual practice or used alone, can be truly amazing. It can be enriching and enlightening. It can cause you to meet some wonderful people and have amazing experiences. Just be sure that you give witches, and witchcraft, the proper amount of respect and appreciation.

~~How do you feel about people taking up witchcraft as a fad or trend?

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