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Why Nudity on Game of Thrones is a Good Thing

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Posted by / January 24, 2013 / 2 Comments

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So I’m sure that many people who have watched GoT have quickly realized that it is NOT for children. Loads of violence, sex, language and nudity abound on this HBO series.

Before I go any further let me first say that I am not familiar with the books (yet), so I can’t make comparisons between the two. What I can tell you is that of all the shows I’ve seen with an “R” rating, GoT treats nudity the way it should be treated, IMHO.

Game of Thrones doesn’t have all the usual silicone enhanced eye candy celebrities. It does treat nudity and sex as part of life. On GoT you will see naked people, some male and some female. Very few of the people that you see on the series are what modern convention would call “hot”.

Contemporary society over the years has taught us that women should look a certain way to be considered attractive and GoT throws that back in your face. The average woman can be very attractive in many circumstances. You don’t need silicone or cosmetic surgery to look good, so STOP the idiocy.

Ask the nearest woman if she thinks her breasts are normal. See what she says. Once the subsequent sexual harassment allegation smoke has cleared, ask again in an earnest manner. Many women do NOT know. They see the same things in the media that men do (let that sink in). Women see the same silicone enhanced bullshit that we men do in this country. The average citizen thinks that celebrities are hot right? Have you ever paused to consider that the hot celebrities are only a small fraction of the population? Just because you don’t have the body of a Barbie doll, it doesn’t mean that you are ugly. All it means is that you don’t look the way modern society trains us to want to look. When people say that you should be happy with who you are, that’s what they are talking about. Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to look like a beauty idol.

Women on Game of Thrones come in all shapes and sizes. Some are everything you’ve come to expect from mass marketed media, others are normal looking. One actress that nails my point home is Natalia Tena, who plays the wildling woman Osha. Natalia is attractive, but let’s face it, she’s not conventionally “hot”. I’m sure there are many men out there who think she’s hot just because she gets naked on TV, but they’re idiots. I think it’s refreshing to see a woman with a normal, average, un-fucked-with body and face. She gets 2 thumbs up from me for showing what a normal woman with normal breasts looks like.

More women need to watch Game of Thrones. Hell, more teens should be allowed to watch it so they can have a more realistic body image. Seeing nude bodies that aren’t “enhanced” is a good thing, especially in this fucked up country of ours.




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    The emergence of porn has created a circumstance where “normal” or “lovely” isn’t good enough. Reality is beautiful to me.

      Briana Blair

      You know, I don’t think the source is pornography. I’ve seen some of the older stuff, and the women were natural. I think the “beauty” industry had more to do with it. It’s all about selling. Women were made to feel insecure, and services were created to adjust that insecurity, then they were made to feel worse, and more surgeries and procedures were created. Much like the medical industry, it’s far more profitable to treat the symptoms than to find a cure for the problem.

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