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Why I Put Color and Material Correspondences On My Products

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For quite some time now, I’ve been putting color correspondences and material correspondences on almost every item that I make. I don’t know of any other online shop that does that, but I think it’s a pretty cool feature, and I hope that my customers enjoy it.

I started doing it because I wanted viewers to know that there’s deeper meaning in things. The shape and composition can have meaning, but the colors and materials can too. My Pagan visitors know all about this, since color meanings tend to be important to us. For the rest of my viewers, I think it’s educational, kind of fun, and certainly adds a new aspect to the items.

Honestly, I did it more for the non-Pagan visitors I get than the Pagan ones. Most Pagans have a book or three about correspondences, and we can look up the info any time we want to. Other folks though, probably never even consider that there are properties to colors and materials. Everything around us carries a certain kind of energy, and dare I say magic, that we can take advantage of. It changes things somehow when you think about it. A pink bracelet goes from just being pretty, to being something that makes you think of friendship and love. A hematite necklace isn’t just cool, it’s a source of healing and clarity.

Another cool thing about knowing the correspondences is that you can choose which ones to focus on when you wear something. For instance, you can wear a pair of orange earrings one day and focus on the joy and optimism aspects, but the next time you could think about the luck and abundance aspects. The items go from just being things, to being something you use to affect your life. Whether you’re Pagan or not, you can use the correspondences to add magic and energy to your life.

Of course, if you’re not into all that, you can just ignore it. I do hope that people think about it though. Any person from any religion can make use of the correspondences I list on our items. Even if you don’t believe in magic or energetic forces, scientists have long known that color can affect our mood, behavior and even the taste of our food. If that’s not enough, it’s just kind of fun to think about, and we can actually create a positive placebo effect just by believing that something can have a good effect on us. Pretty cool, huh?

So what do you think of having the correspondences in our listings? Do you love it, leave it, or think it’s just whatever? Do you feel that the correspondences would make you more or less likely to buy an item? Share your thoughts!

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