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Why Every Witch Should Make The Switch To A Menstrual Cup

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You may wonder what your feminine hygiene products have to do with being a witch, but you might be surprised at how connected they are.

As witches, we tend to be more connected to the earth and the environment. The earth and universe are, after all, the source from which we draw our power. With this being true, it makes sense that we would want to take care of the earth, and our earthly bodies. while there are numerous switches that we can make to reduce our impact on the environment, many people don’t even think about things like their hygiene products. Surprisingly enough, switching to a menstrual cup can not only help the earth, but it can also help your body and your magick as well.

What is a menstrual cup?

For those who don’t know, a menstrual cup is a sort of shot glass shaped hygiene item that is placed into the vagina to catch menstrual blood. The cup is emptied and cleaned a few times a day. Wikipedia has an article on menstrual cups if you’d like to read more.

Once you go cup, you’ll never give it up!

I’ve been using my menstrual cup for about three years now, and I absolutely love it. (I wrote an article about my Diva Cup love back in March of 2016.) I truly believe that once you try one, you’ll never want to go back. I wholeheartedly agree with all of the women out there who say a cup is the best thing to ever happen to their monthly cycle. I’m personally a big fan of the Diva Cup, but there are others out there you may want to try. (Just do your research first!)

Now I’ll share some reasons for every witch to make the switch…

They’re safer for your body

Tampons and pads are full of harmful chemicals, they’re made with plastics, and they’re not as safe as most people think. In fact, TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome) is a serious risk for women who use tampons. Good menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone and are completely safe for your body. When properly cleaned and stored, they pose no risk of TSS, nor will they dry you out or cause chafing like other products can. When we take care of our bodies, we don’t just feel better; we improve the flow of energy within us and create space for amazing things.

They connect you to your femininity

Most women don’t want to think about their periods, but they’re an important part of our lives and our natural cycles. We’re powerful beings, and the ebb and flow inside us is a beautiful thing. It’s not something that we should be ashamed of or disgusted by.

When you use a cup, you will get more familiar with your body, and with your flow. You will know more about what’s going on in that glorious region down below. If you can overcome the initial squeamishness, you’ll be glad for it. The more we connect to our femininity, our cycles, and our nature, the more powerful we become.

They’re better for the environment

Menstrual cups are much better for the environment than disposable feminine products. Instead of throwing away several items and their packaging every day, you throw away one item every 5-7 years. That’s a lot less waste!

“It is estimated that approximately 20 billion pads, tampons and applicators are being sent to North American landfills annually. On an individual level, each of the approximately 73 million menstruating people in North America will throw away 125 to 150kg of disposable menstrual products (or 16,800 disposable pads or tampons) in their lifetime. These products require hundreds of years to biodegrade, particularly if wrapped in the plastic packaging commonly provided for this purpose. In fact, every piece of plastic ever made, still exists in some form, to this day. “ LunaPads

Some say that silicone cups are still bad for the environment and that “natural rubber” ones should be used instead, but I haven’t seen enough evidence to prove that those are as safe. No matter what type of product you choose, you’re still doing something that’s far better for the earth.

They’re more cost-effective

While it’s true that menstrual cups cost more initially than their disposable counterparts, the savings, in the long run, is significant. Depending on what products you use and how many you use, the savings can be up to $100 a year or more.

They’re great if you do blood magick

This is certainly the most witchy reason on the list. If you engage in using blood magick, or you’re considering it, a menstrual cup is the way to go. Menstrual blood has been used in spells and rituals for centuries because of its connection to the self and feminine energy. It is used for a wide variety of spells, but it’s not exactly easy to get. With a cup, you have easy access to this magickal element. You can simply pour the blood from the cup into a storage vessel and keep it for when you need it.

As you can see, there are several reasons to switch to a menstrual cup. By using one you can reduce waste and do better for the environment, connect to your femininity, safeguard your health, save money and provide yourself with a powerful magickal element. Honestly, I can’t think of any reasons for you to not make the switch!

Do you use a menstrual cup? Are you considering one? Add your comments and questions below.

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