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Who is Really in Charge Of This Sinking Ship?

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Posted by / July 31, 2014 / 0 Comments

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Money Cash Wealth BriefcaseThis might sound a bit like conspiracy theory nonsense, but bear with me. If you question any of this, then I applaud you and welcome you to do your own research. I’d like to share a few insights and facts with you today.

The government isn’t in control as much as you think. Nope, they haven’t been for a long time. The President isn’t at fault as much as you think either. So if it isn’t his fault then it must be the House or the Senate right? Nope, wrong again.

You hear a lot of people say that it all comes down to money but have you ever actually let that little tidbit sink in? Have you ever REALLY thought about it? You hear a lot of complaining about special interest groups messing things up but have you ever wondered why they exist in the first place? Have you ever given serious thought to the job title “lobbyist”?

Are you aware that most of the money in the world is controlled by LESS than %1? A handful of people sit on all the boards of the major corporations. Corporations account for most of the campaign contributions of your supposedly “elected” officials. Congratulations, now you know who is really in charge.

A handful of people who worship money and keep a very close eye on the bottom line are in charge of everything in your life. They might delegate a lot of their authority, but never doubt for an instant that they are in charge.

People love to say that the government controls the media, and to some extent they are right. The government and a FEW corporations control the media. The corporations show you what they want you to know, and the government backs up their decisions. They do NOT want to lose this power either. They will do nearly anything to keep a tight grip on the reins.

Think I sound a little reactionary or insane? Okay, fine. Then explain a few things to me.

How is it that during a shutdown of the “entire” government, very little changed? How is it that when the government brought monopoly charges against Microsoft, they got away with it? How is it that privatizing prisons turned a profit? Why do private schools flourish, but public schools are falling apart? Why is it that social medicine is considered a bad thing, even in the face of contradictory evidence in other countries? How is it that the government hasn’t made any real headway in their “war” on drugs for 50 years? Why does PBS have to beg for funding, but new “trendy” channels pop up every year?

I welcome any of your answers, just remember that I have a keen eye for propaganda.



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