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What’s With the War on Women?

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Posted by / April 9, 2013 / 0 Comments

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The last couple of years have been quite disturbing to me. The current war on women has got me feeling like the country, and maybe the world, is going backwards instead of forwards. I don’t understand it.

Why is there this war on women? The government and large corporations are trying to take away our ability to get abortions when necessary and our ability to get contraception, make rape seem acceptable, and in so many other ways send women back to the dark ages. Women are being pushed not just into being home-bound baby factories, but also into being slaves and victims to the sick sexual desires of men.

We’d come so far, too far in some ways, and now they’re trying to take it all away. Why? Why is it the religious zealots are trying to destroy women again? Can they not handle a world where women are equal to men? Are they so afraid of us being able to think and act without asking a man’s permission? Why are they targeting us this way?

I suppose in all their venomous hatred for women they’re failing to realize that they’re causing a bigger problem. One among them is further overpopulation if women can’t decide when to have children and when not to. They’re also driving women away from organized religion to avoid being held down by men and their woman-hating god. And seriously, after the distance women have come, do you think they’re really just going to lie down and take this? They’re just begging for an uprising, and if pushed too far, things are going to get violent.

So what’s with this war on women? Why are they suddenly trying to put us back in the kitchen and the birthing bed?

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