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What Your Office Wear Communicates to Your Employers

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Appearances aren’t everything, but they’re important when it comes to the professional sector. In today’s world, office wear seems to be erring on the side of casual. Business casual has become the norm in companies that were once strictly suit and tie, and startups across the country are filled with jean and flannel-clad employees. Whatever your office wear code may be, consider what you wear on a daily basis. What message is it sending to your peers, and more importantly, what is it conveying to the person that controls your employment? It’s time to consider what your office wear says about your work ethic and professionalism. From accessorizing to staple items every office worker should have in their wardrobe, let this serve as your guide to making a positive impression in the office.

Personality Play

Don’t be afraid of injecting a bit of personality into your office wear, even if you have to come dressed to the nines every day. There’s plenty of room to reflect your personality in formal wear, and you can personalize your outfits to show your peers and supervisors exactly who you are and what you’re about. This can be easily done through a vibrant scarf, a pair of glasses that pays homage to your love of the 80s, or a pair of socks printed with your favorite sports team logo. There are plenty of ways to infuse a few of your favorite things into your weekly wardrobe. From designer ties to Steve Madden pumps, you can find ways to reuse your office wear during weekend shenanigans.

Stick to the Status Quo

Always stick to the office standard when it comes to appropriate dress. If your manager tells you on your first day that the business is strictly business casual, don’t try to sneak by with those leggings or slim jeans. It’s important to abide by your company rules in all manners, and dress is no different. You don’t necessarily have to run out and buy the same office suit as your boss, but it’s also important to avoid rolling in with a rumpled cotton t-shirt and tight jeans when your supervisor rocks the latest in office couture.

Don’t Forget to Accessorize

It’s all well and good to put on the appropriate clothing, but looking polished means putting in that extra bit of effort and adding accessories where necessary. Ladies, this doesn’t mean running to your jewelry box and grabbing the gaudiest necklace you own. It’s all about demure additions, like a delicate necklace, or striking pair of earrings. Fellas, take a look at watch styles for the classic guy, and consider the merits of a scarf or pocket square on occasion. The more detailed you become, the more put together you’ll appear. You’d be surprised at what the right accessory can add to your ensemble.

About Customer Service

If you interact with customers or clients on a daily basis, consider your office wear even more important. You’re serving as the face of your company’s brand, so dress accordingly. Don’t count on landing any deals with visiting clients when you’re wearing a stained and wrinkled button down, and don’t expect a glowing review from a customer who notices you’re barefoot behind the reception desk. Appearances matter in business, and it’s important to remember that customers are looking for the whole package.

What your outfit says about your work ethic isn’t always correct, but it’s important to always put in the extra effort when getting ready for your work day. You never know when your boss might be considering you for promotion or advancement, and looking the part is sure to help you out in the long run. Remember too to put in the extra effort in all office efforts. The harder you work, the more likely you are to get noticed.

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