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What Normal Breasts Look Like

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Let me start by saying that the point of this post is to educate, not titillate. It has come to my attention that there are women (and men) out there who really have no idea what normal breasts look like. I wrote an article yesterday about how nudity on “Game of Thrones” is a good thing and then Briana pointed out that there is more to say about normal body shapes.

I’m sure that many of us have seen silicone enhanced breasts on TV and movies, both nude and dressed. They look perky and “perfect” no matter what position the body is in. Breasts aren’t supposed to do that. Breasts are basically a muscle covered bag of fatty tissue and glandular activity. They will change shape and shift around. If they didn’t then athletic bra manufacturers would be out of a job.

Breasts come in many many shapes and sizes, and I have seen a lot of them. Unfortunately many people think that nudity is a bad thing in general. With the attitude towards nudity in this country, a lot of people are vastly undereducated on what normal human bodies look like. Get over it people, women have breasts and we aren’t going to evolve them away just because a nipple offends your puritanical morals.

Breasts are not always round, nor do they point straight ahead. Anyone who has tried to learn figure drawing knows this, but most of you haven’t. Breasts are affected by gravity, and they will flatten when a woman lies down. They will become elongated and more pointed when a woman bends forward. They can be many sizes and still be normal, from an A cup all the way up to DD and beyond.

On the size issue, breasts have weight. I know this may come as a shock to some people, but larger breasts can cause spine problems. Getting implants can be a boost to a woman’s self confidence if she has breasts that look more like an adolescent boy, or implants can be an invitation to back pain and walking like a hunchback when you get older.

I already said that breasts have weight and are affected by gravity, so lets take time into account. Over time breasts will droop. This can be managed with exercise and good skin care. You really can manage and eliminate sagging breasts if you just take care of yourself.

On the shape issue, let me just assure you that normal breasts are rarely round. They come in many shapes but the rounded ideal that you often see on celebrities and models is either surgically enhanced or they are just the lucky small percentage. Breasts can be pointed, triangular, teardrop, flat bottomed, and the list goes on and on ad nauseum.

Normal breasts come in a variety of sizes and shapes and do not defy gravity. Don’t let commercials and clothing designers educate you, educate yourself. Normal breasts are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Love your body, don’t cut into it because you think you aren’t attractive. You are beautiful, attractive, vivacious and lovely with your natural breasts.




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