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What Has Your Outlook Gotten You Lately?

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Sun Joy Happy Person Silhouette - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Posted by / July 3, 2014 / 0 Comments

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Sun Joy Happy Person Sillhouette Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

*Sighs* I try to be a good person. I try to love and share and teach. Sometimes though… The ways of the world and some of the people in it just make me feel so tired.

I feel blessed to be encountering more people as time passes who are positive, bright, and have a wonderful outlook on life. Come hell or high water they keep their heads up and find reasons to smile and have faith. I’d hug each and every one of them if I could. They help me to maintain my belief that the human race isn’t totally lost.

Then there are others… People who, for whatever reason, not only cling to their negativity, they try to justify it. They even go so far as to insult others who choose to look at life from the other side. It makes me sad. It hurts my heart to think that anyone believes that being negative, jaded, militant or hurtful as a general way of life is acceptable, necessary or justified.

Now, these people think that people like me are naive, stupid, inexperienced and a slew of other things. We’re not. Not all of us anyway. I live my life from the viewpoint I do because living the other way was killing me. I was always depressed and sick and hurting, and that wasn’t life. What does all that negativity and anger get anyone? Nothing but more pain and anger that spills over their entire lives leaving them hurt, pissed off and alone.

People can call me whatever they want, but they will not break me. I’m smart, strong and pretty fucking amazing. I choose to be who I am and there’s nothing wrong with it. If others want to live those dark lives, they can do it somewhere away from me. I’ll wish for them to find love and faith and see the other side of life, but won’t let them put that darkness back into my heart.

If you’re one of the lights in this dark world, one of the ones fighting the good fight, being optimistic and intelligent, you have my love and support. Don’t let the ones who can’t see yet blind you too. They’re not wrong, their perspective is just a bit skewed. Try to help them, try to love them, and if all else fails, walk away.

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