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What Are You Teaching Yourself?

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Wine Book Candle Bottle - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Wine Book Candle Bottle - Image: Public Domain, PixabayI don’t mean in the traditional sense, like with books and such. I’m talking about something much more subtle and just as far reaching.

I’m talking about the things we say to each other and the things we tell ourselves every day. How often do you tell someone that you hate something? How many times a day do you convince yourself that what you say won’t have any impact on the things you want to change?

Do you find yourself saying something along the lines of “I’m only human” or “That’s just how people are” or the really dangerous one: “That’s just the way it is”?

Have you ever considered that part of the problem is that we are constantly convincing ourselves that these things are true? What if you could convince yourself that those sayings aren’t true? Or better yet, associate them with different things?

Can we learn to associate “That’s the way it is” with something positive? For example, what if every time you see or hear something inspiring or a story of generosity you say “That’s the way it is”. What would happen if everyone started doing that? If the only time we say “That’s the way it is” is when we experience something good?

Can you do it? Can you break down hundreds of years of negative learning? Are you capable of teaching yourself something new? Try it, I bet you’ll like it.

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