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If You Weren’t Shoving it in My Face, I Might Accept It

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We all know that there are people and groups out there who think they have to shove their way of living and being down other people’s throats. They think they’re saving us and that what they’re doing is love. Oh how wrong they are.

For one thing, there is nothing loving about trying to force your ways on someone else. I don’t care if you think I’m going to hell for not being Christian or that there’s a moral imperative to be vegan. I don’t care if you think my life is going to suck because of the clothes I wear or that I won’t have success because I don’t adopt your business practices. You have no right to force your ways on me or anyone else. That is not love, that’s hateful, selfish bullying. If you loved me, you’d let me live my own life.

Another thing that anyone with kids ought to know is that the more you tell someone they shouldn’t do something, the more they’re going to want to do it. The more you tell someone that somethings wrong and bad and evil, the more they’re going to want to find out for themselves. Or, they’ll just quit listening to you. Or they’ll start to hate whatever cause or belief you’re peddling. At any rate, you lose. You haven’t swayed that person to your way of living.

If you really love people and you think your way is right, just talk about it. Put knowledge out there for people to see. give tons of information. Talk about how amazing you think it is to be Christian or vegan or fashion-savvy or whatever. Point out everything that is good and awesome. Dispel myths people have about why your brand of living is bad. just put it out there and let it go.

If people ask you about your lifestyle, tell them about it, but don’t talk like or act like your way is better than anything else, even if you believe it is. Just give facts and positive tales about it. Educate and share, but don’t push, bash, berate or force. Learn what loving means and do that. Be yourself, express yourself, but do it gently. Do it without hate, attacks, beratement or negativity. Never make someone feel like they’re less for not being like you.

If people would get this through their skulls, they’d have much more success. People wouldn’t be railing against stuff so much. It’s like forcing a kid to eat vegetables. If you keep pushing it in their face saying “EAT THIS!” they’re never going to take it. However, tell them why veggies are good and delicious and let them choose a preparation they like and you’ll get them eating it all the time. If you showed people why your lifestyle is awesome and good instead of screaming “LIVE LIKE THIS!” all the time, you’d get better results. Heck, some people hate stuff for no reason other than they know some people who are into it push it on others.

Are you loving, or shoving?

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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