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Weird Ramblings About Friday The Thirteenth

Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Halloween - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Pumpkin Jack-O-Lantern Halloween - Image: Public Domain, PixabayIf you are a new reader/fan of mine, you might know that I used to write about superheroes and self-help topics. You might even know about or have enjoyed the fictional stuff I have written. You might not realize that I’m also a BIG fan of silly, funny and downright weird.

While I truly enjoy the superhero,horror and self-help stuff, it’s not always at the front of my mind. Somedays I just can’t quite get my mind going in that direction, so you get what I have for you today. Then again, silly IS self-help (at least for me). I suppose it’s no coincidence that today is friday … the thirteenth. Well, at least it was when I wrote this (bloody hell, what YEAR is it?!).

I love Fridays, even more so when it’s on the thirteenth. Good things always happen for me on this day. I love black cats, and I’ve had at least 4 in my life. They are going to cross my path, it’s a fact of living with a cat. Eventually at least once a day your cat will try to murder you. They don’t just cross your path, they obstruct it by body blocking your feet. IF you survive they look up at you as if its your fault. “If you’d pet me, I wouldn’t try to kill you”. The little serial killers are adorable though aren’t they?

Friday the Thirteenth as a movie is just so … GOOFY. A serial killer that dons a hockey mask. Really? I could watch people in hockey masks try to kill one another any day I want during hockey season if I wanted, too bad I don’t like sports. Not a real stretch to imagine a deformed and bullied child with mommy issues donning a mask and getting revenge on those who don’t listen. Could have been me at a younger age now that I think about it. “Let’s name him Jason”. Like the Argonauts? Really? Jason with the Argonauts, Jason and the golden fleece, and their abused murderous little brother Jason Vorhees. Nice.

Triskaidekaphobia is just plain silly. I mean, fear of a NUMBER? Really? Go into many high-rise buildings and they omit the number thirteen on the elevator. What? Like they can ignore the fact that there ARE 13 floors? I bet if they could make the 14th floor hover ten feet above the twelfth they would.

13 is called a “baker’s dozen” at a bakery, since they always bake 13 to get 12. “I’ll take a bakers dozen doughnuts. please.”

Everybody that I know loves fridays, so why is it that ONE friday gets a bad rap? Why not make Monday the bad guy? Monday the eleventh maybe? I would seriously reconsider even getting out of bed on Monday the Eleventh, I assure you. Or maybe Wednesday the fourth, ooooh scary. At this point I’m going beyond funny and getting into downright “back away from the nice man with the knife” territory aren’t I? My bad.



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