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Wealth And Happiness Are Not Synonyms

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Posted by / April 12, 2013 / 1 Comments

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It’s a sad truth that most people these days think that wealth and happiness are synonyms. They believe that they can’t be happy unless they have more money. How wrong they are.

The truth is, you can be a multimillionaire and not be happy. You can buy so much stuff that you’re drowning in it, and still not be happy. Contrary to what the media and manufacturers are telling you, stuff does not make you happy. Not in the long run anyway.

You do not need to be in constant search of money to get happiness. Yes, you want to have nice things and comfort and security, but more isn’t going to really make you happier. You’ll just want more. You”l keep chasing the money so you can get more so you can feel good for a little while so you can chase money so you can get more… And that’s how it goes. Happiness can’t be bought or sold.

I have been dirt poor and very happy. I embraced the simple pleasures. I was grateful for every little thing. I was collecting bottles on the roadside to have enough money to go to a second-run theater once a month, but I was happy. Later on, in another time and relationship, money was no issue, there was plenty of it. I wasn’t happy. I had a nicer place and more stuff, but I wasn’t happy. Money did not make me happier or more fulfilled. It won’t make things better for you either.

You need to break that mental connection between happiness and money. The things you buy will only make you feel good for a little while. You need to live, to experience, to love, enjoy and be grateful. That is where happiness lies. Happiness is being hugged by someone who loves you. It’s watching ducks play in a pond. It’s watching flowers bloom in spring. It is not a new phone or car or television set. When you learn that, you can be much happier.

Have you learned that happiness and money don’t go hand-in-hand? Are you breaking the materialistic cycle?

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