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Warning Signs: Ways to Spot and Avoid Vampire Cults

Candles Medieval - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Candles Medieval - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Cults are something to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, cults often use appealing subcultures as a ruse to lure people into their grasp. If you’re thinking about joining a vampire group, you need to know what to look for to ensure it’s not dangerous.

Real Living Vampires sometimes have groups in which they gather, and they can be a good way for people to connect and socialize in a safe environment. However, cults will often use the allure of vampires to draw people into their grasp and do unmentionable things to impressionable people. Before joining a vampire group, check for the warning signs that they might actually be a cult.

Sexual Activity

If sexual activity of any kind is an expected or required part of membership into the group, run. You should never enter into any group that expects you to perform any type of sexual act. Cults frequently require sexual submission as proof of faith and obedience to the group or its leader. Some cults will use terms like “concubine”, “courtesan” or “paramour” as a way of confusing or convincing people into engaging in sexual activity.

Beratement and Submission

If the people in the group berate, belittle or insult you as part of “initiation” or common activity, this can be another warning sign. Making people feel that they are worthless and useless is often a way of opening them up to brainwashing and abuse. Also, no legitimate group will expect you to be submissive to other members. Cults often require submissiveness, but legitimate groups will treat all members with respect no matter their standing.

Forced Acts

No legitimate group will expect you to do anything against your will. Real Vampires believe that all should come to the path of their own free will, and find their own way with the support of the community. If you encounter a group that even attempts to force you to do anything against your will, it is likely not a safe group to be involved with. If you ever get the feeling that you don’t want to do something, and someone tries to force or convince you to despite your apprehensions, I would suggest leaving immediately.

Secrecy and Lies

Real vampires like to keep their lives private, and typically don’t like word of their groups being spread to the general populous. However, they will not require absolute secrecy or lying. Cults frequently require total secrecy, insisting that there is no one you can trust, and will encourage you to lie about your whereabouts and involvement. There’s a big difference between discretion and forced secrecy.


Brainwashing is often the hardest trait to spot in cults. Their leaders are often highly charismatic and their members blindly faithful. However, if anyone in a group tries to convince you of things that give you a bad feeling, or seem utterly untrue, they may be trying to brainwash you. Unfortunately, truth can be unsettling and hard to accept, so lies and truth can sometimes have the same effect. Cults will go to extremes to convince you that their way is the only way, and all else is lies. Real vampires are glad to educate those truly searching for answers, but will never tell you that their way is the only way, or that any one person’s word is gospel.


Before joining any group, whether it is for vampires, a religion, or any other subculture, it’s a good idea to look into them as much as possible. Cults come in many types, and are sometimes referred to as “extremist groups” or “clans”. No matter what they’re called or what they use to draw people in, they’re dangerous. If something feels off about the group, your gut may well be right. Listen to your instincts.

While vampire and Satanic cults are the ones we hear of most, be aware that a cult can use anything to lure people. There have been more than a few cults based around mainstream religion, sexual liberation and other themes. Be careful of who you involve yourself with. There are some wonderful legitimate groups out there, and they won’t be hard to find if you do your research.

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