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Why Would You Want Your Ex Back?

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Image: Public Domain, Clker

Image: Public Domain, Clker

Have you seen the spam about psychics and love spells that can help you get your ex back? Most of us have. There are articles about it in magazines and it’s the subject of many movies. My question is: Why would you want your ex back?

If someone dumped you, don’t you think there was a reason for it? If they loved and wanted you, they’d still be with you, so if they don’t, why do you want them? Either you did something to mess up the relationship or they did, but either way, it didn’t work out. Why get back together?

I’ve seen it too many times. A guy cheats on a girl and they break up, but she wants him back and believes he’ll never do it again. A guy gets dumped but stalks the girl thinking he can “fix” himself and make her want him again. There are a million scenarios, but it all comes down to the same thing: That person didn’t want you anymore. They’re probably never going to, so why are you trying to get them back?

Only once in my life did I ever try to get an ex back, but in my defense I was 17, he was my first love, and I’d been through hell that wasn’t my fault, but he dumped me for it. In retrospect, the reason he dumped me was a pretty big sign that he never would have been good enough for me anyway. I’m glad I never got him back.

People need to stop living in the past and stop trying to get back what wasn’t meant to be. On the rare occasions when people do get back together, they almost always end up breaking up again. It wasn’t meant to be. Just let it go. Move on. Repair yourself, learn from what happened, and be better in the next relationship, with a person who is better than the last. You’re wasting your life wanting something that you shouldn’t. Let it go and get on with your life.

Do you think people need to let go and not try to get their exes back? Do you think it’s ever worth obsessing over someone who dumped you?

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