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Video Game Side Effects (Family Style)

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Image: Public Domain, PixabayI’ve been playing video games for many years, and it’s still a hobby I enjoy. My particular tastes are for strategy, simulation, and my most favorite: Role Playing Games. In all of my years playing I’ve noticed a few interesting things that happen when they are being played. Here in all it’s glory is some of the weirdness of my family.

Whenever a racing game is being played in our house, my mother is banned from wearing white socks. She twitches way too much when I barely slip between two opponents at 200 mph. The flashing white in my peripheral vision is distracting enough to make me lose a race. I have watched her literally try to climb up the back of her chair when someone is playing, it’s hilarious.

In case you weren’t aware before, video games are fun for our whole house. I don’t buy OR play games if everyone can’t enjoy them. Luckily, most everyone in the house loves a wide variety of games. Did I mention that I do almost ALL the actual playing? Oh yeah, I do. I play and everyone else likes to watch. Needless to say, RPGs with a good story are a big hit here.

You may have read one of my other articles, where I said that I had re-purchased Skyrim and Fallout:New Vegas, but what I may have failed to mention was that I didn’t actually buy them. My mother is such a fan of WATCHING them that she “invested” in her entertainment and bought them for me to play. Yeah, we’re that kind of family. Even my uncle digs the games and will stop whatever hes is doing to come watch sometimes.

Did you know that a second set of eyes can save your backside in Fallout ? I learned all about it when I had two or three extra sets watching me play. If I miss a landmine or tripwire, they don’t. Hell, my mother is quicker to spot things than I am, and I’m VERY thorough. Then again, I get told to turn around a lot. Backseat gamers are both a boon and a curse.

There are other weird things that happen during games too. Like Briana’s tendency to fall asleep. She suffers from insomnia and can’t fall asleep at night, but for some reason she can sleep during some video games. I’ve nicknamed Skyrim “Bri’s nappy time”. For some reason the soundtrack (which IS awesome), and the ambient wind noises and such make Briana fall fast asleep. Weirder still? I used to have a Playstation 2 and with it we bought a copy of “Guitar Hero: Legends of Rock”. A friend and I turned the volume way UP and had a blast, and when we looked over toward the couch, Bri had fallen dead asleep. The volume was enough to literally shake windows and there she was. Asleep.

Video games are family fun time around here. How about your family?



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