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Vampire Cults Make Life Difficult for Sanguinarians

Blood Spider Rose Halloween - Image; Public Domain, Pixabay
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Blood Spider Rose Halloween - Image; Public Domain, Pixabay

Real Living Vampires and Sanguinarians are not the demons they’re sometimes made out to be. Cults and rebellious teenagers make vampire society look bad, but there’s little truth to the stories you may have heard.

Vampire cults have been popping up all over, and have probably become even more widespread with the recent popularity of vampires in movies and books. These people make it difficult for real vampires, who have nothing in common with those dangerous individuals. If you do just a little research though, you’ll find that Sanguinarians and other vampires are not really something to fear.

Vampire Cults tend to employ a combination of mythical allure, brainwashing, pseudo-Satanism and other tactics to lure unfortunate individuals. I have heard of these groups having orgies, public blood-lettings, slavery, human and animal sacrifice and all sorts of horrid behavior. Most real vampires would find all of this appalling.

Real Living Vampires are not monsters out to control the minds of local youth. They’re regular people who happen to have a need or desire for blood or energy. Sanguinarian vampires tend to be the most maligned because they feed on blood. While feeding on blood (usually human blood) is a part of a Sang’s life, they don’t take it by force, and the idea of sacrifices would turn the stomach of most. Life is sacred to a real vampire, and not something to be wasted for the sake of ritual.

Society believes that sex, vampires and Satan go hand-in-hand, and that adds to the allure of cults, and the bad reputation of Sangs and other vampires. Sanguinarians probably don’t have any more sex than anyone else. Some vampires, Psychic Vampires in particular, can derive energy from sexual acts, but they’re usually not out having orgies to get it. It’s also a horrid myth that all vampires are Satanists. Vampires come in as many faiths as any other subculture.

It’s a sad fact that extremist groups of any kind can give the whole group a bad name. It happens in many faiths and subcultures that the horrible acts of the few cloud the truth about the many. Sanguinarians and Real Vampires in general are just like anyone else. They’re human, they have jobs, they love, hate, and experience life pretty much like everyone else. If you met a real vampire tomorrow, you’d probably never even know it. Try not to let those who do wrong color your opinion of an entire portion of society.

(Please note that statements made here about vampire cults are based on news broadcasts and articles as well as reading done as my own personal research. Comments about Real Living Vampires are based on my personal experience in the RLV community.)

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Briana Blair

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