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Use of the Herb Fenugreek May Lead to Unwanted Weight Gain

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Posted by / July 28, 2014 / 24 Comments

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Fenugreek is good for hormone leveling, but may cause weight gain

Many women use fenugreek as a natural herbal estrogen supplement, but women should be aware that the use of this herb can cause unwanted weight gain.

I have been studying herbalism and using herbs for more than a decade. Through personal experience I have found that fenugreek can have the unpleasant side effect of weight gain. Like many people I never thought much about the possible side-effects of using herbs in the beginning, but then I suffered the consequences of not being fully educated. While herbs can have lower risk of side effects, some may still exist.

Some years ago I added fenugreek back into my herbal regimen, as I recalled how well it worked for correcting the hormonal imbalance caused by my thyroid disorder. Fenugreek herb was recommended to me by my natural care provider. She explained the benefits, but never told me about the possible side-effects. Over the next two months, while taking fenugreek, I noticed a significant increase in my weight. Disturbed by the added weight, I began researching the possible causes.

As it turns out, the weight gain was likely caused by the fenugreek. Apparently, fenugreek is used by women in Asia for the specific purpose of gaining weight quickly. The herb is even recommended for recovering anorexics to help them regain weight quickly. Many women using the fenugreek herb have noted weight gain, and the gain is often rapid. I personally experienced a gain of about 4 pounds a week.

I began thinking back to the last time I was taking fenugreek on a regular basis. I studied the timeline in my head, and found that the last time I experienced rapid weight gain was during a time when I was taking fenugreek. I had gained 25 pounds over the course of just a few months. I then moved and stopped taking the herb, at which point the weight dropped off within about 2-3 months.

Despite the positive effects it had on my hormonal balance, I discontinued my use of the fenugreek herb. I worked out for 30 minutes every day and kept this habit for a long time, but was unable to combat the weight gain. However, I was able to easily lose the weight after discontinuing use of the herb.

I suggest that anyone using the fenugreek herb be mindful of the possible weight gain that may result. If you have low body weight, this herb may be a great solution, but if your weight is already at a healthy level or you are overweight, you might want to steer clear. If you are interested in taking the herb, I suggest consulting a natural care professional and specifically asking about the possible weight gain and what might be done to combat it.

It’s unfortunate that finding the possible side effects of herbs can be difficult. I hope that writing this article will help at least a few people make an educated choice when considering the use of the fenugreek herb. No matter what herbs you use, I highly recommend that you educate yourself as much as possible before beginning any herbal regimen.

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Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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    is it the tea that increases d weight or chewing & swallowing d seeds itself?

      Briana Blair

      Both can. Not everyone experiences the weight gain, but any consumption of fenugreek can possibly have that side effect, even using it in a lotion.

    Tina Sharma

    Can u pls tell me
    How to consume fungreek seeds or powder, to gain weight

      Briana Blair

      I can’t find any information on how to use fenugreek specifically to gain weight. It seems to vary from person to person, but taking fenugreek increases estrogen, and can cause increased appetite, which leads to eating more and gaining weight. Honestly, if you’re looking to gain weight, it would be better to just focus on a healthy diet with a higher calorie count. Fenugreek won’t cause weight gain in everyone, but a higher calorie diet and building some muscle mass will.


    Which herb do you recommend to increase milk supply without the weight gain ?

      Briana Blair

      Unfortunately, I don’t know of anything for that purpose.

    Tetteh Patricia

    Can fenugreek capsules help in weight gain?

      Briana Blair

      Yes. Women in Asia frequently use fenugreek to gain weight, and I’ve read that some people recovering from eating disorders have used it as well.


    What about does it increase hip size and butt and also breast and how long does it take to see results

      Briana Blair

      It can cause general weight gain, it’s not targeted, though typically it’s noticed int he breasts first. As for the time, it depends on the person. Usually a couple of weeks, but it can be more or less depending on the individual.


    Oh my! I started using fenugreek at 8 weeks post partum to increase breast milk producion and I gained so much weight in the last 2 months. I actually weighed more than I did at 40 weeks pregnant and 6 weeks post partum. I became worried and started checking my diet and the only thing I could think of that was different was the fenugreek. I decided to research and boom! I stumbled on your article….very very insightful. Thanks a lot. Lesson here is not to only check the benefit of any herb just because it is herb but check the side effects as well. Thanks again. Your article will help me make an informed decision…..x

      Briana Blair

      You got it. Always check for both the positive and negative effects of any herb. Just because something’s natural doesn’t mean it can’t have down sides. They’re usually less than man-made concoctions, but they can still exist, like weight gain with fenugreek, or sun sensitivity with St. John’s Wort.


    I just need to gain weight what should I do cause am already have fenugreek seed

      Briana Blair

      The easiest way to gain weight is usually to just eat more food. Be sure to eat healthy proteins and veggies, and exercise enough to maintain some muscle mass. Nuts, dried fruit and potatoes are great for adding weight in a healthy way. Gentian herb can also be combined with fenugreek in a tea, which you drink a couple cups of a day.


    Is the weight gain caused by the fenugreek itself, or is the weight gain caused by the fenugreek increasing the appetite? So if my calorie intake and activity stays the same, will the fenugreek still cause weight gain?

      Briana Blair

      Fenugreek causes hormonal changes, and the weight gain can happen even if your diet and exercise stay the same. Increasing activity and decreasing caloric intake won’t help.


    I took fenugreek ONE DAY and could not stop eating! I ate so much yesterday I was eating everything in sight! Disappointed about it, i want to boost my milk supply to have extra to pump but I’m also trying to eat healthily and feel better about myself post partum. This definitely triggered binge eating and I’m not a typical binge eater.


    In the article, you mentioned that your consumption of the fenugreek caused you to gain up to 25 pounds. In what form were you consuming the fenugreek to experience these results? Was it tea, consuming the sprouted seeds, powder form?

    I desire to use fenugreek to aid in weight gain. I am 28 yrs old and am underweight. I am working on increasing my caloric intake however my appetite is very low. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

      Briana Blair

      I was taking capsules, this brand specifically: Nature’s Way Fenugreek


    I really want to gain weight in my bust and buttocks,could it be possible to do squats every day and take fenugreek tea for better results or i might not be able to control the fat

      Briana Blair

      You can’t really control it, unfortunately. Using exercise is a good idea though, but you’d have to accept the likelihood that the weight would be more evenly distributed.


    I wanted it to increse my bust size but it increased my weight and its not stopping weeks after taking it. I took it for 6 months and have put on 190 lbs


    Thank you for this information! I started taking fenugreek some months back and have always been thin and easily maintained my weight. I’ve gained 10 lbs. everything I’ve read says it’s helpful for weight loss, but this is all I can contribute the gain to. Going to stop now and hope I go back to my normal weight.


    Thank you for this information. I love the health benefits of it and how it helps my libido but I do not like the idea of weight gain. I have gained a little and got suspicious after hearing it may cause that. So much conflicting information online in regards to weight loss versus weight gain with it!! I’d like to hear from more people who had experiences with weight gain from it. Thanks again.

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