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Unusual Spirituality: Monster High Greek Goddesses

Monster High Doll Greek Goddess Shelf 1
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I’m an unusual person, you all surely know that by now. I like mixing things that people wouldn’t normally put together, whether it be in the form of food, art or even spirituality. One of my latest endeavors combined two things I love, Monster High Dolls and Greek mythology, for a reason much deeper than just making something cool.

What you see there in the first photo is the shelf above my desk. It used to be just for neat things like my skulls and dolls, just something cool to look at while I’m sitting here. The thing is, I spend a lot of time at my desk, and as someone pointed out to me, I’m a bit of a technomage. So why not turn that shelf into something more special? If I’m going to sit here for many hours every day, why not make it a more spiritual space? With that in mind, my dolls transformed into goddesses.

I use bits and pieces of numerous different faiths in my own spiritual practice, and even though I don’t consider myself to be polytheistic, I’ve always been drawn to the Greek pantheon. I see the Greek deities as faces of Ome, my name for The Source, or one god. When I was deciding who my dolls would come to represent, I thought about what aspects of Source I most frequently want to access and connect to.

Monster High Doll Greek Goddess Shelf 2

Image: © Briana Blair

Seated in the front is Aphrodite (Draculaura), to represent love, happiness, and relationships. Behind her is Nyx (Skelita), to represent mystery, dark beauty and the power of night. Next is Eurynome (CAM Sea Creature) who symbolizes talent, beauty and the flow of all things. Then there’s Mnemosyne (Ghoulia) for memory, wisdom, and inspiration.

Monster High Doll Greek Goddess Shelf 3

Image: © Briana Blair

In the center of it all is Nike (Ghoulia) for strength, victory and overcoming adversity.

Monster High Doll Greek Goddess Shelf 4

Image: © Briana Blair

Next we have Tyche (Rochelle) to represent wealth, success and prosperity. Hygieia (Abbey) is for health, sleep and general well-being. Hecate (Spectra) symbolizes magic, herbalism and guidance. Sitting in the front is Hestia (CAM Werewolf) for comfort, security and a happy home.

At first I didn’t think I could pull this off, because I’m not a talented seamstress and I don’t have much fabric. I couldn’t really afford to go out and buy things. However, thanks to a suggestion from Eric, their dresses are made from paper towels and scraps of ribbon. It’s simple, inexpensive and actually very pretty. All I need to do now is add props to help show off each goddess’ abilities. I think I can make some good things if I pull out the scraps of clay I have tucked away.

Some may find this arrangement odd or even blasphemous, but I really like it. Other people of organized faiths have altars and shrines in their homes, why shouldn’t I? It’s a combination of craftiness, dolls, mythology and spirituality, and I love looking at it. It’s like some of the faces of Ome are up there looking down on me, blessing my work and my day. I’m very glad that I made it.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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