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Unique Christmas Ideas For the Person Who Has Everything

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When it comes to ticking off everyone on the holiday shopping list, there’s always at least one or two people who are impossible to shop for… they either already have it all, go out and buy what they want, when they want it, or their interests are shrouded in mystery. For all those with perpetually picky or difficult gift recipients on their lists this holiday season, here are a few ideas that may hit the mark.

Something Unexpected

When the person you’re shopping for has it all, sometimes the best course of action is to go with something they can’t possibly see coming. They definitely won’t expect an ugly Christmas suit. Surprise them with a Tipsy Elves holly-studded Mistletoe Money Maker suit, the Eggnog Spiker suit — iced in a classic repeating Christmas pattern — or the Power Hour’s lightbulb print. Perhaps you won’t win Christmas, but you’ll definitely score points for originality.

Something Novel

Everyone and their Great Aunt Tabitha has a smartphone, but the real question is: Do they have a smartphone projector? Whether it’s sharing recent vacation photos or regaling friends with a YouTube’s Funniest Animals marathon, this projector displays videos, photos and even text convos on any phone. Expect it to be put to immediate use during your Christmas festivities.

Something Practical

How often have you wished you could just call up your lost car keys and they’d ring? Whether your troublesome gift recipient tends to misplace things or not, everyone could use a little help from time-to-time — especially on Monday mornings. The Bluetooth Tracking Tag is easily secured to any item with a penchant for excellent hiding places. Simply download the free app and find the chosen item when activated. Even if it’s a phone that’s lost, as long as the tracking tag is in hand the technology works both way, which is a great relief on those days we’re running late and been involuntary been selected for a game of hide and seek with our wallets.

Something Essentially Different

The problem with finding gifts for challenging people is we think we have to find something so completely unconventional, we often overlook the everyday necessities. Something like Daneson scotch infused toothpicks, which offer a unique twist on an everyday item, make for perfect stocking stuffers or small gift. Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy the subtle, yet complex fragrance of caramel, peat and 200 years of barrel-aged perfection when setting some mood lighting? It truly is the little things.

Something That Keeps On Giving

Subscription boxes are the modern solution to the gift card. What’s great about them is there are services that offer a variety of options and it’s a gift that continues to give, as long as you choose it to! Whether you’ve got a beauty queen, animal lover, art nerd, DIY-er, or clotheshorse on your list, there’s something out there for every interest. Birchbox is one of the most popular on the market as is it caters to both men and women and offers a variety of items in their monthly packages, from shaving cream and cell phone covers to sunglasses and other bespoke trinkets. Receiving one in the mail is like opening a small box of Christmas… every month!

Something Personal

On occasion, some of the people we think are the most difficult to shop for aren’t quite as tricky as we may imagine. For the friend who likes to write, consider having a leather journal embossed with their name or a quote from their favorite author. Or, for your sibling who loves to experiment in the kitchen, have an apron printed with your grandmother’s family-famous gingerbread recipe. Meanwhile, the traveler in your crew you joined on a vacation last year may appreciate a photo journal with a snapshot or two from your trip. Taking a moment to personalize a gift, even in a small way, ensures you share something meaningful, even if the person has everything else.

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