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Turning the World Into Chocolate and Bacon

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I know the title sounds insane, but the thought isn’t. Why wouldn’t you want to make the whole world sweet, rich, and satisfying? Making every day a beautiful dreamland of life and love shouldn’t be insane, it should be the norm.

You can do your part to make the world into a sweet paradise too you know. Be the virus! Spread a message of joy and wonder to everyone around you. If you can’t give them wonder, MAKE them wonder. Show others what it is to be sweet and thoughtful.

If you want to help me turn the world into bacon and chocolate, here are a few things to get you started:

Smile at anyone who needs it or deserves it. Your cheeks will hurt at the end of the day til you get used to it.

Laugh as often as possible. But NEVER at the suffering of others. That makes the world bitter and icky.

Share your joys and wonder with the world. Don’t be stingy, we all need good news to make it easier to smile and laugh.

Be the virus! Let the Virus spread to every corner until the entire world is covered in chocolate and bacon! Mwuaha Ha HAA ha !

Be The Virus!

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