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Top Ten Fallout 3 Mods to Enhance Your Experience

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Fallout 3 cover artOne of the major advantages of playing Fallout 3 on the PC is the ability to mod the game. I personally play with about 100 mods installed. Here is my list of the top ten mods that you should try. You can find almost any mod you need at .

1. DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body WIP
This is the best and most supported female body replacer I’ve found. Lots of options, and if you use FOMM (Fallout Mod Manager) it’s quite easy to install. Out of all the body replacers I’ve seen this is the one with the most other content made for it. I also love all the various shape and texture options it comes with. If you’re like me and you want the nudity back in your rated M game then get this mod!

2. Breezes FO3 Males
Excellent male body replacer with lots of options. Also installs easily with FOMM. don’t forget the armor mesh addons. A lot like the Dimonized one for females only this one is for male bodies. I like realism in my games so I had to make the nudity equal. Not to mention that this mod just makes the males look better.

3. Darnified UI F3
Makes the entire UI fit better on a PC screen. I have to play with this mod, it’s an absolute must for anyone with a monitor resolution bigger than 1024×768. It lets you see more info in your interface so you don’t wind up scrolling through lists all day.

4. Fellout
Makes night darker and days clearer. Awesome immersion/realism mod! Remember to use a night-vision mod with this. I love this mod for the immersion factor. It just makes everything look better without adding high-res textures.

5. New Dark HUD
Don’t like the bright colors on your HUD? Want to make them darker but still easy to see? Don’t like the default cursor? Get the Darnified version for an even better experience! I got sick and tired of a HUD that was too bright and distracting so I use this one. It makes the HUD black and red but is still clear enough to read and see everything.

Makes VATS work loads better, slows weapon degradation, makes your weapon skills matter more to accuracy all around. I couldn’t understand how your weapon skills took a backseat to the weapon capability itself when using VATS. I also hated that a sniper rifle would break after a few rounds were fired. For some reason using VATS wears out your weapon faster which makes no sense to me. This MOD saves me some of my sanity and lets me use a sniper rifle more like it should be used.

7. BA_Repair
Makes repairing a viable and less annoying task. The repair system in Fallout 3 is maddening. I found myself wondering why I could repair a weapon only with another one of the exact same type. I wanted to be able to take spare parts and raw materials from nearly anything and do at least some repairs. This mod fixes a lot of that. You should be able to use superglue and scrap metal to fix a lot of things after all.

8. Better Booze
Makes alcohol bottles look more real. I use the “classic” pack to try and stick with the Fallout canon. I like this mod (and others like it that I haven’t listed here) because it makes objects in the game easier to recognize from across a room. The style I use also makes alcohol bottles look like the ones in Fallout 2, which I like. I like when a vodka bottle is clear and doesn’t look like an old bourbon or wine bottle.

9. Hacking terminals is easier
This mod comes in 3 different “flavors”. It makes the “hacking” mini-games everything from a lot less annoying to just plain outright cheating. I started to dread seeing a terminal in the game after playing for a while. Even though my character had a high science skill I had to deal with some weird guessing game. I was US Army Intelligence, trained in cryptography, and I like puzzles, but this thing had me scratching my head. This mod makes it a lot quicker and easier without completely ruining the intent of the mini-game. You are still required to have the science skill to access terminals, but finding the right code doesn’t take an excel spreadsheet or a codebreaker handbook.. Less of a cheat mod and more of a time saver.

10. Fallout Street Lights
Adds outdoor lighting to many places. You’ll want this mod and it’s wasteland counterpart if you use the Fellout mod mentioned above, trust me. Fellout makes nighttime so dark you’re afraid to go anywhere without night vision on. This mod makes it so some areas are lit well enough to not need night-vision all the time. It adds to the realism without ruining the intent of the fellout mod.

That’s my list of top ten mods that I don’t play without, but I use a lot of others that go along with these ten. Also keep in mind that there are essential tools and utilities you’ll need/want. Look into FOMM, FOSE, and some kind of multilauncher. Keep your game fresh and happy modding!



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