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Top Ten Fallout 3 Graphics Mods

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Fallout 3 looks good and is really fun to play, but with the PC version you can make it look even better by adding mods. Here is my list of the top ten mods for enhancing the appearance of the game. This is not a complete list of all the mods I use, just my top ten mods to make Fallout 3 look better.

1. DIMONIZED TYPE3 female body WIP
A body replacer is a good place to start for improving graphics. Whether you want a nude body replacer or just better looking bodies in the game this is the best one I have found. I love all the various shape and texture options it comes with. You’ll also want to get all the armor replacers to match so that your armor and clothing fits the new body type.
2. Breezes FO3 Males
A lot like the Dimonized one for females only this one is for male bodies. I didn’t want to only improve the bodies for females but everyone I see. This one also comes with various options based on what you want to see in game. This also happens to be the only decent male body replacer I’ve found. Again, don’t forget about getting the armor and clothing replacers to match.
3. NMCs_Texture_Pack_for_FO3
If your computer can handle it you should try this mod out. It cranks up the resolution and detail level of nearly everything you see in game. It’s basically a monster high resolution texture pack for Fallout 3.
4. Fellout
Makes night darker and days clearer. I didn’t like the awful green tinting on everything. I just didn’t understand how a couple hundred years after an atomic war everything looked like it was dipped in moss. Even the sky for crying out loud. This mod gets rid of that and clears your vision up nicely. It also has a variant I use that makes night time look more like nighttime. I personally think that nights should be dark where there are no lights, but I would recommend a night-vision mod if you do go with the full dark variant. There are other mods to turn on some streetlights and campfires and such that I also use with this.
5. Color Hi-Detailed map and icons
This mod makes your pipboy map a lot more detailed. I had trouble seeing anything on the default map and I was extremely happy to get this mod. It puts every house, cave, boulder, etc onto your map. You’ll never play without this once you see what I’m talking about.
6. Better Booze
Bottles of alcohol don’t look very good in game. They are rather boxy with a label that you can’t really read. This mod fixes both those problems. It makes the bottles easier to recognize from across a room. It also changes the mesh so that bottles are actually more rounded. You can choose from multiple variants including the “classic” style that I use which makes alcohol bottles look like the ones in Fallout 2. If nothing else, you won’t confuse vodka and whiskey bottles anymore like I did before I installed this mod. That’s a good thing since they sell for different prices.
7. What’s Your Brand – cigarette texture megapack
Makes cigarette packs and cartons look more like the real thing instead of looking like misshapen bricks. I love being able to know what I’m looting or picking up when I see it lying on a table. Besides, I smoke and use a mod that allows me to smoke in game. This mod lets you choose your brand. There’s an “enhanced” version that is supposed to randomly use different textures for randomly spawning loot but I haven’t tried it out (yet).
8. 3 Flavors of American Prewar Money
Much like the cigarette and booze mods I mentioned earlier, this mod replaces textures in game for a more realistic version. I use the “dirty and burnt” version myself since this is a post-apocalyptic game after all. This mod makes all the “pre-war money” you come across look like bundles of hundred dollar bills.
9. Fallout 3 Re-Animated
This mod adjusts and changes a lot of the animations and poses in the game. I personally think that it makes characters move more smoothly. I really like this mod since it makes idle animations of npcs look a lot better.
10. New Dark HUD
Changes your HUD to a black and red interface with a new cross-hair. I had trouble with the default HUD being too bright and hard to read. This makes the HUD easier on the eyes even in dark areas. The cross-hair is also easier to see and use which is essential for a long distance shooter like me.

That’s my list of top ten graphical mods for Fallout 3 that I use. Some are just my own taste and I use other texture and graphical mods that I haven’t mentioned here. I have not mentioned texture replacers for the pipboy, books, billboards etc because I tend to mix and match with them. Remember to always read the instructions with any mod you use. Keep Fallout 3 fresh and make the wasteland look the way that you want!



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