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Some Tips for Recycling at Home

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Most people think that recycling is something that is done only at recycling stations. However, there’s plenty of recycling and reuse that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

A few simple steps can have you on your way to recycling at home and having an impact on the environment. Once you get started, you’ll easily find more ways that you can keep refuse at a minimum, make the best use of the things you buy, and save money too.

Buy products that come in resealable plastic containers. Instead of spending money on Tupperware or similar products, you can just reuse the containers that other food came in. We make use of margarine tubs, lunchmeat containers, soda bottles and other containers. Instead of buying bottled water we wash and use soda bottles for cold water. We store leftovers in the margarine and lunchmeat containers.

If you get the newspaper on a regular basis, you can use the paper for lining your bird or rodent cages. You can also keep newspaper stored in a dry place and use it for wrapping items when you ship goods or when you move. Newspaper can also be recycled into various crafts.

If you have old but still functioning electronics like TVs, computers, etc., try giving them away to a friend or family member before throwing them away. You can also try donating them to a service that refurbishes electronics or donates to the needy. It’s always best to keep such items out of the landfills for as long as possible.

When clothes get old, turn them into rags. Instead of buying cleaning towels and mop heads, you can use the fabric from old clothing instead. If the fabric is still in really good condition, you can also offer it to someone who’s crafty and can turn it into new items. Scrap fabric can easily be turned into place mats, coasters, pot holders or even new clothing.

Use both sides of sheets of paper. Often people only write on or print on one side of a piece of paper. Start a “scratch paper” bin somewhere in your home. Any paper that doesn’t contain personal information, like grocery lists and internet printouts, can be placed into the bin and reused later. This is a great way to have paper for quick notes, and is especially great for giving to your toddlers to scribble on.

As you get used to recycling and reusing things in your home, you’ll see even more ways that you can cut waste and make better use of what you have. You’ll save money, reduce waste, and make the world a better place. Encourage friends and family to join in and change their habits to more earth-conscious ones. It’s easier than you might think!


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