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Three Simple Rules For Sex and Love

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Normally I would say that this stuff is common sense, but then I look around and well … that would be so grossly inaccurate that I would be kicking myself later. So here we have some rules for love, lust, marriage and all that other fun stuff.

So many people over the years have made their stances on who can love and marry whom, that I see the need to make my stance clear. For far too long these rules have been made by the extremists and non thinking masses. It is high time that the masses become thinking people who are capable of making intelligent choices. Choice and the freedom to exercise it are important things to me, and they should be to you too. You like being able to choose who to love don’t you? Do you want someone else to arrange your marriage for you? No? Then wise up, and accept your birthright of choice.

Here are the rules I have come up with for myself. These “rules” guide me in deciding what I find acceptable and good in the world. (You can also apply these to things besides sex.)

The Consent Rule. This is numero uno on my list. Can the object of your affection give consent? Are they capable of making the mature and independent decision to reciprocate? If coercion is involved, the answer is NO. If we are talking about a child, then the answer once again is NO. Children aren’t even capable of rudimentary decision making until they are over ten, and mature decisions take a lot longer than that. This rule is to ensure that only thinking adults can engage in any kind of consensual sexual activities.

The Harm Rule. Following in the footsteps of the consent rule is the harm rule. If you aren’t causing lasting harm, then have fun. Any kind of harm whether physical, mental, or emotional. This applies to polyamory too, by the way. If it’s consensual and harms no one, what is the problem? Stop lying and cheating, get honest and stop harming your loved ones.

The None Of Your Business Rule. If people are following the preceding rules and you aren’t involved in any way, then it is NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. I don’t care what people do by themselves or with their partners unless it involves me. You want to smear pickle juice all over yourself while your two other partners spank you with silly string, then more power to you. I don’t care. When you want to involve me, then I will care and let my feelings be known.

That’s it. Finito. All done. If you expected more, tough noogies. Some things are just simple, love and sex are a couple of those things. Isn’t thinking and choosing for yourself fun?



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