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Things You Might Not Realize About Cannibalism

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brains...!Some of you may know that I’m working on a book (or two) when I’m not writing here or doing other stuff (laundry, dishes, etc). In the interest of being thorough, I do some pretty weird research for my fiction pursuits. Since today is ostensibly food and health day, I decided to do some research on cannibalism and eating human flesh. Like I said, I do some pretty weird research. Interesting sometimes though.

I decided to share some of the tidbits with you good people. Boy is some of the shit I found eye-opening and bizarre. So without further adieu, I give you some tidbits about cannibalism and eating human flesh.

Apparently cannibalism in and of itself isn’t illegal in most places. That’s right boils and ghouls, it’s legal to eat your neighbor. You probably would be breaking a law or three regarding murder or desecration of a corpse, but find a loophole and you too can have “long pork” for dinner tonight, yum.

Then again, you might wind up with a prion disease. You know what those are right? Ever heard of “Mad Cow Disease”? That’s a prion disease and apparently human brains are just LOADED with prions. So if you just gotta have some “Girl Next Door BBQ”, remember to skip the brains and spinal cord bits. As a matter of fact I’d avoid anything having to do with the major nerves.

Still reading this post? Sicko. All laughing and socially destructive shit aside, who would want to eat a human being in the first place? Especially in current times?

Seriously, humans in modern times are chock full of shit I wouldn’t want to consume. Psychotropic drugs, silicone, botox, and a whole pharmacy of various different drugs are just the tip of the iceberg. Have you ever considered the health concerns associated with eating flesh that is riddled with scar tissue from cosmetic surgeries? How about all the excess fat that comes from the obesity epidemic that’s sweeping the nation (and starting to affect the rest of the world)? Disease, drugs, scar tissue, and twinkie only knows what else humans are jamming into their bodies nowadays. I mean, can you imagine biting into a stainless steel implant? Ouch.

All this and you haven’t thrown up yet? Wow, talk about intestinal fortitude. Speaking of which, you should avoid the organs of humans too. They are loaded down with waste products that would make an EPA investigator faint. Seriously. Biohazard is an understatement here. You people are walking chemical plants.

So while the eating of human flesh might be important for me to research for fiction about zombies and flesh-eating demons, it’s a bad idea in reality kiddies. Just say no.



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