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There’s No Such Thing As Black Or White People

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Rice Food Yin Yang Symbol - Image: Public Domain, PixabayI’ve seen a lot of talk about race inequality lately, and it makes me angry. I don’t understand how, in this day and age, people can still care about the color of a person’s skin or their country of origin. Even the supposed terrorist threat doesn’t warrant racism in my mind. There are just as many crazy people in the USA as there are anywhere else in the world.

I got to thinking one night that the color issue is stupid on another level. There’s actually no such thing as a black, white, yellow or red person. (Okay, sunburn can make someone red for a while, but that doesn’t count.) Have you actually ever seen a black person? You haven’t. I’ve seen some seriously dark brown ones, but humans don’t come in actual black.

You’ve never seen a white person either. Even people with albinism aren’t truly white, they’re a very pale pink with bluish tints. No one is yellow or red either. We’re all some form of pink, peach or brown. Of course, if people paid attention to that they wouldn’t be able to use those colors as slurs and create division among each other. The simple fact is, we’re people, not colors. We’re all the same on the inside, and we need to stop with the racial division.

Racism is just so stupid. You can take any group of people, of any color, from any country, and it will always be the same. You will have some wonderful people, some losers, some violent ones, some extremists and some that are just plain evil or crazy. It’s universal. And the thing is, the ones labeled as good, bad or crazy will change depending on who you ask, since those are arbitrary categorizations based on personal opinion.

No one race has cornered the market on crazy. Although, if you want to get all historical about it, Caucasian people have probably been the worst, even though other races are blamed more and treated worse. The basic truth is that bad people come from every place on earth. So do good ones. Looking at someone and judging them based solely on their skin without knowing anything about them is just ignorant and hurtful.

Try thinking and talking about people without using the colors, and you’ll see just what racism has made you. Instead of “I hate black people” you get “I hate people.” Instead of “White people are so stupid” you get “People are so stupid.” It should start to make you think. It’s all just hate and anger that you don’t need. People can be good or bad, yourself included. Racism doesn’t make you a better person by any means. Let go of the racism and stereotypes and judge people by how they treat you and those you love, not by some wide generalization that isn’t true.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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