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Theories on the Existence of Dragons

Dragon Fantasy Creature - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Dragon Fantasy Creature - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Did dragons really exist?

Images and tales of dragons have appeared in nearly every civilization on Earth. Did dragons really exist, or is it some sort of massive global coincidence?

If you look through the history books you will see that images of dragons and stories about dragons have appeared in nearly every civilization on the planet. How is it that stories of these mythical beasts have appeared across the globe, and originated during times when the areas had no communication with each other? How is it that they all have tales of these giant creatures, and yet we have never found any physical proof that they existed?

Some people hold the belief that what many civilizations called “dragons” were actually the final remnants of the dinosaur line. Whether a culture had images of long serpentine creatures of quadrupeds with wings, there are dinosaurs with at least close descriptions. But is it really possible that dinosaurs and man inhabited the planet at the same time, and that they are what sparked the dinosaur stories across the world?

Another theory is that dinosaurs were an alien species. Some people claim that dragons were a superior race that came to Earth and lived alongside man for some time. They taught and learned, and left when man became too dangerous. It is believed that their extra-terrestrial nature is the reason why we have found no dinosaur remains; they all abandoned the planet, leaving no trace other than the fairytales and myths.

Yet another theory, with some similar points to the alien dragon theory is that dragons truly were the beasts of myth and magic. Being magical creatures, they were able to remove all trace of their existence, short of the fantastic tales they left behind. These magical dragons were teachers, full of wisdom and magical power. Again, stories tell that man became too dangerous, and dragons abandoned them.

There are still other myths of dragons being celestial beings, gods, or even just the works of the human imagination. To me, it seems too much of a coincidence that peoples from all across the globe would be able to imagine up such creatures, and every civilization have some form of them. It seems impossible that such a thing could occur. So that begs the question, what were dragons?

It baffles the mind that in all of our history, with all of our exploration, we have never found any proof of these amazing beasts. One would think we would have uncovered fossils or remains of some sort. Whether they were creatures of land, air or water, we should have uncovered something in the course of human history. We have found remains that are millions of years old, but never anything that was alive during the times that dragons presumably roamed the Earth.

We have no proof of the existence of dragons, and yet we have stories from across the globe. It seems too contradictory to fathom. Because of all the tales, they must be real, but we cannot prove it. I suppose this is why theories of dragons being gods or aliens is so appealing to so many. How else could one explain it all, unless these beings were able to leave the planet without a trace.

Personally, I would love to know the answer to the origin of dragons. I have always loved them, so much so that I have adorned my body with tattoos of them. I know people across the planet would be in awe of any discovery of what dragons really were and why tales of them are so widespread. Perhaps someday we will have that answer.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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