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The Wonder and Joy of Food

spinach pizza
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spinach pizzaPeople should have a better relationship with food. Abuse it, and it’ll ruin your health and your life. Nurture your love of food into a more serious relationship. Treat it just like you would a serious relationship with another person. A healthy relationship with your food can lead to some serious happiness and joy.

Just like a person, you need to learn about your food. Where is it from, is it bad for you in the long term? Does your food contribute to your well-being or to your destruction? Know something about what you are putting inside your body. Would you date someone who you KNOW is diseased just for temporary comfort?

The simple joy of a good meal shared with someone is something I wish all people could enjoy. The flavors and aromas of a lovingly prepared meal, the wonderful smiles from people who enjoy your cooking. All of these things and more are yours for the taking. You only need to decide to start learning about your food.

Change the way something is cooked and you change everything about the experience. Try new meats and vegetables, what could be scary about new tastes? Are you afraid you might not like it? Mistakes are how we learn, there is no substitute for experience.

Learn what foods work well for you. Eat as healthy as you are able, but remember to listen to your body. As strange as it may seem I know someone who lost weight by increasing the amount of pasta they consumed. Balance is the key. Meat, vegetables, fruits, starches. All of these things are needed for a healthy body. Cut one or more out of what you eat and you WILL have consequences. I for instance need to make sure I get enough sodium AND sugar during the day, or else I have blackouts (not fun). I try to avoid low sodium products and anything with sugar “substitutes”.

Eat healthy and learn to love your food.



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