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The Wisdom of a Child

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Super Hero Character PersonMost people would never consider using that kind of phrase, but I’m not most people am I? You’d be quite surprised to find out how wise children are.

Children think nothing of dreaming. They can spend hours at a time imagining things. If they haven’t been told to “keep their feet on the ground” they can even frighten adults with their insights into human nature. They see things in their internal world that we wish could still see. Ask a child what they are daydreaming about, see if their answer surprises you.

Children still know the value of play. It’s a very sad reality that adults the world over seem to think that only children play. Did you know that play is seen as a sign of higher intelligence in other animals? Being able to play means that you can think beyond fulfilling basic needs. Watch how children play. They play with wild abandon, as if nobody is watching. They don’t get self-conscious about it, they just aren’t wired that way (yet). Play a made up game with a kid you know, see if it doesn’t make you laugh and smile. When did “acting childish” become a bad thing?

Children actually love to learn. You might not think so when you consider how much they might complain about school, but it’s true. They love to find out things, much to their parents chagrin. You’d be surprised at the kinds of things they WANT to know. They also have the astounding ability to learn quickly. Their undeveloped minds absorb information like a sponge. They don’t worry about whether or not they’ll remember later, they just want to KNOW.

What kind of wisdom have you gotten from a child lately?



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