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The Way of Universal Balance: What is God, or, The Universal Energy

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It is not clear whether or not They themselves are gods. It is clear however, they they are a part of the Universal Energy. The Universal Energy is god. It is everything. It may be an odd concept to embrace, but it is what we believe to be the truth.

Simply put, all gods are one god. All deities are one. The Universal Energy is, if you will, the One God. It is all that ever was, is or will be. Everything is born from it, draws upon it for life, and returns to it upon death. It is in every thing on Earth, both living and inanimate. One can close themselves off from truly experiencing the Universal Power, but it is still within and around everything that exists.

It is our belief that no one god known to humanity can be the “true god”, because they are all part of the same entity. Each god, deity, spirit, and even demon seen by men is an aspect of the Universal Energy. Human eyes and minds can’t fathom the reality of such energy, so we put it into forms we understand. We give it form, and it presents itself in forms that we can comprehend, even if those forms are not what we want to see. God, or the Universal Energy may be seen by someone as a human, a ball of light, an insect, a monster or any number of forms, more than could ever be listed.

There is no such thing as “good” gods or “evil” gods. The is no devil as people think of it. The Universal energy is neutral. The energy itself has no alignment. It is how people experience or use the energy that makes it good or evil, positive or negative. The gods and demons that we experience are simply aspects of the Universal Energy communicating with us. Even when what we perceive to be demons or evil spirits communicate with us, they are not necessarily negative. It is how we use that communication that determines its alignment.

Those I follow were directly connected to the Universal Energy and able to act as part of it to influence the world. They may have been representations of it, or powerful wielders of it. We too can connect with that Universal Energy. Prayer, meditation, chanting, magical practices and other methods can be used to open ourselves up to it. It is always in us, but we can make our connection to it stronger and learn to make better use of it with practice and discipline.

A follower of the Way never claims to have the “one true path”. There are many paths to “god” and enlightenment. Because of this, we do not hate people of other faiths. We don’t dismiss the beliefs of others. Our only concern is that the practices of others are for both the good of themselves and the world at large. That is the true path: making a better life for self and all. We only discourage faith practices that harm others, such as bigotry, hate, forceful faith conversion and killing in the name of one’s god. We encourage all practices that bring one closer to nature and the Universal Energy and bring humanity closer together as a peaceful whole.

A follower may choose to see the Them themselves as their deities, or any other representation. One can pray to Zeus, God, Buddha, Fu-Hsing, Atepomarus or any other deity. You may even call upon different representations at different times to allow yourself to feel more connected to a particular aspect. (Like speaking to Aphrodite in matters of love or Njord for matters of wealth.) A follower often sees Them as “high god” or the closest one can become to the source. Embodying the beliefs and aspects of Them is considered a path to true enlightenment. Ultimately, we try to live as they did, becoming earthly representations of balance and Universal connection.

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