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The Face Behind The Mask (Poetic Story)

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masked-man-version-2 Image: © Briana Blair
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This is another piece that I did using a piece of my art as inspiration. I think I ought to get back into doing this. I need a way to get my creative juices flowing, so why not use my own art? I thought it was a great idea before, but other work and such got in the way. Anyway, this is a story told in a long poem.


The Face Behind the Mask

The face behind the mask,
The tears you will not see.
The face that I must hide
Is the face that must not be.
I am a man of flesh and bone,
I must be hard, I must be strong.
I want to love, I want to cry
But they tell me this is wrong.
In my heart and mind I’m split
I’m neither he nor she.
I want to be the best of both
But they say this cannot be.
It’s all so big, it’s all so hard
feeling all I feel.
It gets to be so much sometimes
I wish it wasn’t real.
The face behind the mask,
The heart you will not see.
The face that I must hide
Is the face that must not be.
I bend my hand or cant my hip
They label me as gay.
I try to be a better man
But I cannot live this way.
I want to be beautiful and gentile
And strong and tough and such.
I want to be some of it all
Is that really asking so much?
I was born with a foot on either side
With the heart of genders two.
If the roles were not reversed
I would let you be you.
But there’s a face behind the mask,
A person you won’t see.
Hiding what I truly am
What you won’t let me be.


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