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The Herbal Magic Correspondences Guide

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The Herbal Magic Correspondences Guide is your one-stop guide for magical plant correspondences. Nearly 600 plants with over 6500 entries. Each plant has the Latin name, common names, gender, element, planet, sign, day, deities and beings, parts used, magical healing and magical practice uses, plus magical and alchemical symbols associated with each plant. This book contains correspondences for herbs, flowers, trees, and care has been taken to add a wide variety of kitchen herbs and food plants for the practical user. This book is not a medicinal herbal, and does not contain folklore or instructions for magical practice. This book is meant to be usable by practitioners of any faith. Information has been gathered from many paths and cultures. No matter what path you follow, this book contains information you can use. Simply organized and easy to understand, this book will offer value and information to any magical practitioner who incorporates herbs and flowers into their spiritual workings.


688 Pages


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