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The Ethics Of Love Spells And Free Will

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Whenever I see Pagan love spells or Wiccan love spells on the internet, especially when people are selling them, I cringe. No magical practitioner worth their salt would ever use most of these love spells and would certainly never cast them for or sell them to anyone else. There are ethical issues involved, and anyone truly spiritual understands them. Unfortunately, most average people don’t, and that can be a very big problem.

Most love spells are cast for the purpose of making a specific person fall in love with another specific person. It shouldn’t take a genius to see that such a thing is a direct violation of free will. Forcing someone to do something, and especially to feel something, that they don’t want to is very wrong and should never be done. Unfortunately, there are bogus magical practitioners out there writing those kinds of love spells, and desperate people trying to use them.

Let’s say Jane wants a man in her life to love and be loved by. That’s fine, and spells can be written to help her find someone wonderful. However, Jane wants Joe to fall in love with her. Any spell written or cast to change how Joe feels is a violation of his free will. Those kinds of spells are almost 100% guaranteed to backfire, and often so badly that one or more people end up emotionally or even physically harmed. You simply cannot force people to feel things against their will.

No matter how much Jane thinks she loves Joe, if he doesn’t naturally feel the same, he probably never will. Casting a spell on him is no different than Jane pretending she’s something she’s not, lying, and manipulating Joe into liking her. Eventually, Joe is going to know something’s off and it’s going to get ugly. If she’s lucky, he’ll just dump her. If she’s not, there’s a good chance things could go horribly. I’ve heard of strong love spells going so wrong that the woman ended up being physically abused otherwise seriously harmed. (And yes, love spells are more often used by women to find men, but some guys use them too.)

If you want to use magical intervention to find love, the only way to do it without infringing on free will and putting yourself squarely in line for horrible backlash is to not involve a specific person in the spell. Using magic to find someone who’s going to be just right for you, or someone with the traits you’re looking for is fine. Leave it to Source to figure out the right person and bring them to you. Never, ever ask for a particular individual.

If you see love spells online or in a book that offer to get you a specific person, walk away. Don’t use them. I’d also suggest you stay away from any other spells written by that person, since they obviously have questionable ethics and they’re making it possible for great harm to be caused. And really, I’d be leery of paying for a spell to be cast for you. Someone charging for spellwork may not have your best interests in mind. Even if they claim they’ll “charge” the spell to make it more powerful, don’t blindly trust it. You can’t be certain of the kind of energy that person is putting into it, and it may well be very bad for you and anyone else involved in the spell. Paying for a written spell or ritual outline that you perform yourself can be fine, but paying others to do it for you can be dangerous, if you don’t know the individual personally and trust them.

I absolutely believe in magic and I think that people should be willing and able to use it, but you have to be smart about it. Any magical work that infringes on someone else’s free will is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Even if someone is harming you and you’re using protection spells, that can be done without changing the other person. Feel free to learn and use magic, just be careful and really think before you do.

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