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The Door – Poetry by dracoselene

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door light
Posted by / August 27, 2014 / 0 Comments

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay


I stand before the door
a light seeps through
is it
the light I have looked upon from afar
or another foxfire illusion to tempt me
to open the door
I reach
it flings open at my touch
bathing me in a torrent
I hardly recognize what I see
I look again and see
thoughts and dreams flood my mind
sorrow and love are there too
I thought it was my mind
but I realize that it’s you
simply not possible
my mind fights against false hope
I cry and beg and pray for help
no answers come to me
there is only the choice I must make
dare I accept the lit doorway
is it worth another try
or should I keep on walking
and pass this doorway by
I have made a mockery of my life
opening doors in greeting
the faces they hold smash me for my effort
long ago I ceased opening doors
I walk in the darkness
looking for the door home
to myself
to another plane
I stand here
staring at the open doorway before me
crying and longing
I have begged and screamed for this
now I fear it
I can see you waiting
the doorway to your mind flung open
at the barest touch
softly I call out
for permission
I stand before the door


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