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The Difference Between Conjuring Magick and Using Psychic Powers

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Several scientific research projects have began seriously studying the reality of magickal powers and psychic abilities. Wider society is no longer able to brush off many proven phenomena such as clairvoyance, after-death communication, presentiment, precognition, and the fantastical powers of psychic and spiritual healing. As this new paradigm shift emerges in society; recognizing the differences and similarities between manifesting magick and practicing psychic powers is key to moving forward in this age of understanding.

The mystery of making magick

Magick is a learned process. To become a mage, one must first research the craft. There are thousands of spells and chants one could cast but must first learn. There are endless components and ingredients that could be used in spells. It takes years to understand what these are and how they can be used. Some ingredients have multiple uses, but it is the way in which they are incorporated into rituals, that can change the outcome of a cast. Magick also uses other worldly forces and dimensions to cast spells. Invoking elements and energies is another large part of conjuring. Doing so may often only come many years into learning the craft, and by those that have much experience as a mage.

The innate abilities of the psychic

Strong psychic abilities are something a person comes into this world with. Everyone has psychic abilities of some sort, but it comes in varying degrees between person to person. Many are not even aware that they possess such powers, whilst others delve into their soul to extract and build upon this gift. True psychics use their powerful minds to manifest their powers. The majority of psychics are not mages or witches, and most do not practice magick. Although there are some people that make false claims about their abilities, which lead others to think it is an easy route to take; reliable readers use their innate mental strength gifted to them in the womb. Most psychics have a very strong connection to the spiritual world, something that takes people who practice magick years to develop.

A powerful combination 

As psychics and mages use very different sources for their strength, it is difficult to say which is the most powerful. Some psychics do use magic to channel their inner powers, and this mix of practicing magick alongside understanding their mental abilities means that they can make their spells stronger and encourage others to manipulate the energies around them. A mage with psychic powers can have an incredibly strong connection to the spirits and elements, which also makes for a potent combination.

Understanding the range of psychic abilities one may possess, and learning the various techniques of magick is key to building your strength in both of these areas. The wonderful thing about psychic powers and conjuring magick is that it is open to everyone. How much effort you put into learning the craft and developing your psychic skills, will determine the ultimate level of power you possess.

Written by Cassandra Allan


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