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The Collective Consciousness And Everything In My Head

Mind Head Thought Person Random - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Mind Head Thought Person Random - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay


I’m not even sure how to express this, so brace yourself for a stream of consciousness post. It might make sense, it might not, but hopefully I can get this out and everyone will understand what it is that I’m trying to say.

There has been a lot of stuff going on in my head lately. I was really focused on the herbal book, but since I finished with that, my brain has had time to do its thing, and so much is going on in there. It’s probably no surprise that I’ve been thinking a lot about the state of the world. There is so much happening, and most of it isn’t good. As I delve back into my spirituality and try to push back against the negativity of the world, I realize just how much of that negativity there is. Everywhere I turn I see more proof that the global consciousness is having a horrible effect on the world. And as always, my heart aches for the inhabitants of this planet, and I start hoping that there’s something I can do about it.

I know that I am only one person, and for most people that’s a very helpless feeling. Most people think that as individuals there’s really nothing that they can do to change the state of the world. I wish I could just reach out and shake them all and make them understand that they’re wrong. “The change of the world begins with you” isn’t just a pretty phrase, it’s an absolute truth. As individuals we have the power to make change, and as we bond together, we only become stronger. Look around and you can see the truth of that. Most of the population is highly, if not completely, under the control of other individuals or groups. Those people took a mindset, then started spreading it. They banded together, gaining momentum and power, and shaped the world we live in today. Unfortunately, those people were fueled by hate, greed, closed-mindedness, false superiority and ignorance, leading to a state of control that is detrimental to all but those who founded it. Just imagine what would happen if each of us took control of our thoughts and behavior, and started spreading intelligence, compassion and cooperation. We could shift the world to be in a state that would be beneficial to all.

Some of the things that have really been scratching at the back of my brain are issues like the current expectation of beauty. No longer are we taught to love ourselves as we are, instead we’re trained to hate all things natural within ourselves and strive to be plasticized clones of others. Materialism is rampant, and people find more joy and worth in possession of things than in sharing love and happiness. Intelligence is considered a social flaw, while ignorance is exalted and propagated. Compassion is considered weakness, while competitiveness and underhandedness are accepted as the only way to exist. Love is thought to be another weakness, reserved for greeting cards and “losers”, while casual sex and manipulation are encouraged. The world is in a sorry state, and it’s the fault of every individual on the planet who doesn’t stand against it.

It is not, in any way, acceptable to say “that’s the way things are” and keep going about your life. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Every person who sits back and allows the current trend to continue is, whether they accept it or not, an active contributor to the problem. You, as one individual being, have to take responsibility for yourself. You have to choose to stop accepting the status quo. You have to change yourself, no matter whether others like it or not. You all need to educate yourselves in every way possible. You need to be good to yourselves and to others. You have to do the right thing, even though it’s not popular. If we don’t all do our part, nothing will change. You have to make being the best person you can possibly be, be the focus of your life. Not money, not fitting in, being a better person. As you become a better person, you influence the world around you to do the same.

It’s long past time for people to get their heads out of the sand and rise up. The wonderful thing is, you don’t need to go out picketing or yelling from the rooftops to rise up. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic thing. All you have to do is change within yourself to be a decent human being. It can be so subtle and slow that it almost goes without notice, but has a subtle positive effect on everyone you come into contact with. Some people will always refuse to change, but they can be outnumbered and overpowered if people only try. We can radically change everything about life as we know it if we just put our focus onto it.

But I suppose I’m rambling. It’s all truth, and all deeply important to me, but I can’t fit everything into one article by any means. There’s just too much, and that was where this all started. I have so much going on in my head, so much that I want to share, it’s hard to get it out. What approach do I take? Should I be kind, or embrace my usual tough-love methods? Do I express myself simply with honesty, or try to use tricks to get you to change how you think? Should I tie what I want to teach into popular media to make points, or just lay it out as it comes to me? It’s all so much. And the thing is, I can feel that negative consciousness pressing down on me. It exists, and it’s everywhere. Part of why I want people to wake up is so that the consciousness can become more positive than negative. Of course, I also believe that people are killing god with all this negativity, but that’s a topic for another time.

Somehow or other I need to find a way to get all of this out, and I have to believe that my reach will grow and have a positive effect on the world. I can never allow myself to believe that the prevailing negative energy can stop me. Neither should you. You all have to believe that you can become better, spread the truth and that you’ll have a positive impact. We may each only be one voice, but when every voice is spreading the same message, people can’t help but listen. So I’ll try, in whatever ways I can. I know this blog is like a roller coaster, but it always comes back to me trying to change the world or at least bring something good into it. I’m tired of fighting, but I still have it in me to love the people of the world, even if most of them are horribly broken. Luckily, there’s nothing in our minds or hearts that can’t be healed with time and the belief in something better.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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