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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – Weapons ( Non-firearms )

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Weapon choices for surviving the zombie apocalypse always seems to be a hot topic. In this article I’ll go over some of the things you might want to consider

Obviously bladed weapons like axes and machetes never run out of ammo but what would be the best choice for you? Swords look good but require training to be used effectively. Almost anyone can use an axe, but they are heavy and unwieldy unless you are experienced using them. A machete is a good choice for the novice to weaponry, but you need to get really close to fight with one. For the absolute novice to weapons or fighting, I would recommend a baseball bat. I know, it’s not bladed. A baseball bat is incredibly effective at dishing out massive trauma with no training and has the added bonus of no accidental amputation.

My personal choice would be a sword, and a machete strapped to my hip. Add in the half dozen knifes I carry and I am walking zombie destruction. I am trained and experienced with all these weapons, do not attempt to use dangerous sharp implements without training or experience.

As some of you may know, a bow or crossbow can be just as effective as a firearm at a distance. They take training and practice to use effectively, but they have a few advantages over guns. They are a lot more quiet than guns. The ammunition for a bow or crossbow can be re-claimed which is very important in a world where resources are rapidly dwindling. Arrows and bolts can also be crafted with simple components and patience. Guns need gunpowder, which WILL eventually be all gone. They have very few disadvantages compared to firearms, but they do have some. Guns have better penetration than bows and much longer effective range. Crossbows are also very slow to re-load for another shot. That being said though, a bow will kill a person or stop a zombie just a fast as a gun.

I’ll cover firearms in another article. Good luck fellow survivor!

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