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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – Vehicles

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In this part of my survival series I’ll be sharing some tips regarding vehicles.

I already said in part one that the best choice for after the apocalypse is a large multi-function vehicle that gets good fuel mileage. I suggested a “Duece and a Half” for those and other reasons.

No matter what area you are in or what weather you will have to deal with a vehicle suited for off road is desired. Chances are good that roads will become impassable or ill-kept and you will need to get away from them for one reason or another. Four wheel drive is ideal but any vehicle with suitable ground clearance and low enough gears will do. This means no low riders unless you really want to be eaten by the zombie hordes while you are stuck in the mud.

Diesel is an optimal choice for fuel type since vehicles that run on diesel tend to have far superior fuel mileage than ones that run on gasoline. Diesel engines can also run on Bio diesel, which is merely used cooking oil that has been filtered.

Electric vehicles are right out. No power means no mobility for those with electric cars.

Motorcycles are also a decent choice for their superior mobility, quick acceleration and phenomenal fuel use. What they lack in protection they make up for with agility and the ability to go places that a car or truck cannot. You could ride a motorcycle straight into a supermarket for example.

Older cars have less parts, so do diesel engines. Less parts means less that can wear out or break.

Vehicles with a manual transmission also have less parts and are easier to repair. As a bonus, many vehicles with a manual or “stick shift” also get better fuel mileage.

If you find a good vehicle, try to avoid breaking the window to get in. You’ll just be ruining it’s protection from the elements and zombies. In a scavenging situation, locate vehicles that are parked at a residence or in a motorpool instead of on the street or in a parking lot. That way you’ll have a better chance of finding the keys. Less work and no broken parts that way. Not to mention what else you could scavenge from a residence or motorpool.

Make sure you have a jack and a spare tire for the vehicle you use. A flat tire could mean death if you’re suddenly hiking instead of driving, especially in a large metro area.

Keep water, extra fuel, oil and tools in your vehicle at ALL times. Other good things to keep in your vehicle are a blanket and first aid kit, but you should have those with you anyway. You do don’t you?

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