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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – series introduction

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I’m not sure why I waited until I had already written three parts for this series before writing an introduction or mission statement or something, but here it is.

If you have read any of the three parts I already published, you may have started to think that I’m a little loony for believing in zombies. The truth is, I don’t have any idea if zombies will overrun the world, and neither do any of you. We don’t know what the future will bring, nobody does. I am relatively certain that natural disasters will continue to occur all over the world. I am also certain that people need to remember the basic skills for surviving without modern technology and convenience.

The purpose of this series is to inform, educate and possibly entertain. It is a collection of tips and knowledge that will help you survive any wide scale catastrophe.

Zombies as we know them from movies aren’t all that likely, but a widespread virus that destroys a large portion of the population IS possible. If enough people die, the power will go away and we’ll be back in the equivalent of colonial times. Be ready or be a victim.

All the tips in this series are researched by me. They are all from personal experience or research. There are many other guides with similar intent but this one is mine. I take a realistic and practical approach to the subject of survival. I love my modern conveniences and I make my living with a computer. I also happen to be a US Army veteran who lived on the streets for a time. I am able to walk away from my electrical devices for days and weeks at a time. Can you?

Survival after an apocalypse isn’t about collecting food and weapons now, it’s about cultivating a strong mental attitude. Weapons, food, and anything else you start collecting now can be taken away from you. Knowledge and mental strength cannot be taken from you. It is what is in our hearts and minds that we use to survive, not that neat solar powered lamp you have in a bug-out bag.

In this series you will learn about how to survive after a zombie apocalypse, not what to have ready now. This guide will be written upon the premise that a large portion of the human population is dead or turned into zombies. There would be little or no power and a rapidly decreasing amount of fuel. These things alone would mean a host of other problems to face for humankind and you as an individual survivor.

Be mentally strong and use my knowledge to survive and rebuild. Don’t panic, just remember that we as human beings have been around for far longer than we have had electricity or mass-manufacturing.

Good luck fellow survivor!



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