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Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse – Security and Defense

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In this part of my zombie survival series I’ll be focusing on security and defense.

Choosing a place to make a stand can be difficult unless you keep a few things in mind.

Try to find a place with as few ground floor windows as possible. A view might be nice but glass breaks. Prisons, warehouses, old military buildings and such are good choices.

Find a place outside of what used to be densely populated areas. Any place that had a lot of people will now have a lot of zombies. Large metro areas are also the first place most people will try scavenging from, which could get dangerous.

You’ll also want to avoid anyplace with a main traffic artery nearby like a highway. If zombies retain any residual behaviors, they’ll follow main roads just like they did in life. Not to mention that other people will use the main roads as well.

Remember that lack of resources is one of the major reasons that we have had wars in the past. While you should be trying to rebuild, you need to keep in mind that some people will take on a “raider” mentality. Looters will scavenge and grab anything not nailed down but raiders will take what you have instead of looking for themselves.

There is safety in numbers. Find people you trust and get them to work with you.

Make sure you always have a staging area for everyone to run to if things go sour. If you suddenly have to abandon your secure building will the scavenging party know where to go when they get back and discover that everyone is gone?

Keep your vehicle or vehicles maintained the best that you can. You never know when you will have to run.

Do not be afraid to run away. You may lose some things, but you know how to rebuild and can do so again. Better to survive and build again than to take a stand and die. That will leave the others one person short.

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