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Superhero Gender Gap – More Like a Canyon

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I know it’s not just me that thinks that female heroes and superheroes should look the part. Oh, I’m well aware that the “look” of female heroes was defined by artists and creators who lived in a time when women were treated like furniture. Oh wait, you didn’t know that? Maybe I should start somewhere else with this rant/lecture?

Well this all starts with my belief that female heroes on TV and movies are cast poorly for the most part. I have this dumb thought that a hero should look like a hero, not like a cheesecake model. Examples? Sure!

One would think that a physically inclined heroine who spends a LOT of time fighting hand to hand would look HARD. They would have some obvious muscle tone and look like they could actually do some damage if they kicked you in the face. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” looked like she couldn’t fight her way out of a paper bag. Her nemesis/replacement Faith looked more the part than she did (and had a fighting attitude instead of being a whiner).

How about Storm on the X-Men? Halle Berry might be hot, and therefore able to bring in the drooling fanboys, but heroic looking she is NOT. And Storm is supposedly able to go toe to toe with members of the Brotherhood? They need to cast someone tough quick! Storm looks like she can’t fight a 3 year old and they want her to slow down Juggernaut?

Frankly, I could go on all day listing off heroines who simply do NOT look like heroes. They should though. They should LOOK like they can DO the job. I’m not saying that they should be built like a bodybuilder, but some muscle is expected.

Hollywood needs to stop casting soft women to play heroines who are hard as rocks. Sorry folks, women CAN be superheroes too. I’ve met my share over the years.

I once knew a female Sergeant while I was in the Army who cut her hair the same way we men had to. She said she’d let her hair grow when men could too. Trust me, NOBODY gave her a hard time about that. She looked like she could kick your ass up and down the street just for a quick workout. THAT is a hero.

Wanna see something screwy? Do a google image search for  “Hero”, notice the results. Then do the same thing for superhero, and take notice of the results. Now search for “heroine”

After you’ve scraped your brains off the ceiling, search for superheroine.

Welcome to what people think of when they think of a female hero. Makes you sick doesn’t it? And you wonder why female cosplayers are screaming about equal treatment, why women are yelling about equality 100 years after they got the vote? I don’t wonder, I just shake my head and keep trying to educate.

Help me. Make the image of a heroine one that is STRONG, not just a sex object.



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